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保溫纖維睡袋 Hyperion 1M

‧ 採用Dura Loft 3D Spiral高壓縮保暖物料作填充物, 其4層結構有效鎖緊體溫
‧ 採用木乃伊形及防風拉鏈設計
‧ 採用備有聰明鎖的雙拉鏈頭,有效防止因睡眠時身體轉動而引致睡袋意外地打開
‧ 採用3D立體剪裁,大大提高舒適度
‧ 符合身體力學的腳部剪裁
‧ 設有內置小袋
‧ 備有採用210D Polyester 的壓縮收納袋

‧ 255T Nylon 耐磨潑水防撕裂物料

‧ 適用溫度:攝氏 6 度
‧ 下限溫度:攝氏 1 度
‧ 極端溫度:攝氏零下 13 度

‧ 210L x 80W x 50Wcm
‧ 約1,295g

‧ Dura Loft 3D Spiral high-compression thermal insulation material is used as filling, and its 4-layer structure effectively locks body temperature
‧ Mummy shape and windproof zipper design
‧ Double zipper pullers equipped with smart locks can effectively prevent the sleeping bag from being accidentally opened due to the body turning during sleep
‧ Adopt 3D three-dimensional cutting, greatly improve the comfort
‧ Foot cut in line with body mechanics
‧ Built-in pouch
‧ Compression storage bag made of 210D Polyester is available

‧ 255T Nylon wear-resistant, water-repellent and tear-resistant material

Applicable temperature^
‧ Applicable temperature: 6 degrees Celsius
‧ Lower temperature limit: 1 degree Celsius
‧ Extreme temperature: minus 13 degrees Celsius
^Applicable temperature is for reference only

Dimensions and weight
‧ 210L x 80W x 50Wcm
‧ About 1,295g