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韓國製超輕變色太陽鏡 Transformer Sunglasses

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‧ TAC 自動變色鏡片 - 採用高質自動變色鏡片,100% 防UV,有效阻擋紫外線 UVA 和 UVB,鏡片會隨UV強弱度變色,在不同天氣與光照環境下呈現出不同顏色變化,增強眼睛在不同環境下的自然功能,優化視覺,為你的眼晴提供最全面的保護
‧ 鏡片耐候性高,在極端天氣及潮濕環境中亦能保持品質,不但防收縮,更不易鬆脫
‧ TR90 彈性鏡框 - 全部鏡框均採用 TR90 超彈性樹脂,不但超輕巧,而且超強韌性,耐撞耐磨,即使壓折亦不會變形,能有效防止運動中因鏡架斷裂或磨擦而對眼睛及面部造成傷害,安全貼心
‧ TR90 鏡框超高彈性 - 不但貼面舒適,更適合所有面形人士
‧ 舒適鼻托設計 - 採用優質軟膠物料,並有防滑膠粒,有效防止脫落
‧ 超輕重量 - 僅重14g
‧ 韓國製造
‧ 附送眼鏡袋,可用作眼鏡布



‧TAC Automatic Photochromic Lens - High-quality automatic photochromic lens, 100% UV protection, effectively blocks ultraviolet rays UVA and UVB, the lens will change color with the intensity of UV, showing different color changes in different weather and lighting environments, enhancing the eyesight in different Natural functions in the environment, optimize vision, and provide the most comprehensive protection for your eyes
‧ The lens has high weather resistance and can maintain its quality even in extreme weather and humid environments. It is not only shrink-resistant, but also not easy to loosen
‧ TR90 Elastic Frame - All frames are made of TR90 super elastic resin, which is not only ultra-light, but also super tough, impact-resistant and wear-resistant, and will not deform even if it is folded, which can effectively prevent eye damage due to frame breakage or friction during sports and face damage, safe and considerate
‧ TR90 frame is super elastic - not only close to the face and comfortable, but also suitable for people with all face shapes
‧ Comfortable nose pad design - Made of high-quality soft rubber material with anti-slip rubber particles to effectively prevent falling off
‧ Ultra-light weight - only 14g
‧ Made in Korea
‧ Comes with glasses bag, which can be used as glasses cloth