魔蠍星快速爐 ARC-2110N Capricornus Stove

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‧ 容易摺疊展開設計方式,體積輕小,可一手掌握,為史上最小的掌上型分體式瓦斯爐,提供多種的使用樂趣
‧ 爐架與腳架可以摺疊設計,適應大小不同的鍋子使用時機,至小到直徑5cm的個人咖啡壺也可以使用爐架,展開大可達168mm,放置20cm的大鍋子也不成問題
‧ 爐頭背面凹凸流體力學設計,加壓噴焰式爐頭,火力迅猛旺盛
‧ 全高級不銹鋼材質,輕量化可套疊設計,有效節省您的空間,搭配迷你擋風鈑可以放置在個人鍋內,重量輕僅178g,體積更小巧,方便攜帶不占空間

爐架展開:186 x 82mm
爐架收納:90 x 50 x 75mm


‧Easy folding and unfolding design, light and small size, can be mastered with one hand, it is the smallest palm-sized split gas stove in history, providing a variety of fun to use
‧ The hob and the tripod can be folded and designed to adapt to the use of pots of different sizes. The hob can also be used for personal coffee pots as small as 5cm in diameter. When unfolded, it can reach 168mm, and it is not a problem to place a large pot of 20cm.
‧ The concave-convex hydrodynamic design on the back of the burner, the pressurized jet burner, the fire power is fast and vigorous
‧ All high-grade stainless steel material, lightweight and stackable design, effectively saving your space, with mini windshield can be placed in a personal pot, light weight only 178g, more compact, easy to carry without taking up space

Gas consumption: 120g/hr
Stove Unfolded: 186 x 82mm
Stove storage: 90 x 50 x 75mm
Weight: 180g

The gas tank of the brand in the picture is for display only, we do not sell the gas tank of this brand