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韓國水陸鞋 Basic Active Blue

Size (mm)
Active Blue

‧ 採用 Spandex 彈性纖維,其超輕量、快乾透氣的特性大大提高腳部舒適度
‧ 採用一體化設計,其整體注射模具技術 (Whole Injection Molded) 使鞋底和鞋布沒有接合位,使鞋底不易脫落
‧ 快速排水設計,能將水份排走,亦不會吸入水份和沙粒
‧ 加強保護,其加固設計使鞋跟和鞋尖保護升級
‧ 特選防滑 TPR 耐磨膠底,不但彈性高,韌度亦同步提升
‧ 舒適鞋楦設計,全面貼合腳型
‧ 適合多項運動使用,如浮潛、獨木舟等水上活動和瑜伽


‧ 產品設計為水陸兩用鞋,大多使用時會濕水,建議赤腳穿著
‧ 購買時建議選購比平時鞋細1-2個碼,例如你平時穿鞋是270mm,那就建議選購260mm,緊貼雙腳會更舒適,足感更佳

‧ 使用後請用清水濕透,清除沙粒後風乾

Non-slip, Quick-dry and Comfortable Aquashoes. Suitable for those who like snorkeling, canoeing and other water activities.

‧Using Spandex elastic fiber, its ultra-lightweight, quick-drying and breathable characteristics greatly improve foot comfort
‧ Adopting an integrated design, its Whole Injection Molded technology (Whole Injection Molded) makes the sole and the shoe cloth have no joint position, making the sole not easy to fall off
‧ Quick drainage design, can drain away water, and will not inhale water and sand
‧ Enhanced protection, its reinforced design upgrades heel and toe protection
‧ Specially selected non-slip TPR wear-resistant rubber sole, not only has high elasticity, but also has synchronously improved toughness
‧ Comfortable shoe last design, fully fits the shape of the foot
‧ Suitable for multiple sports, such as snorkeling, canoeing and other water sports and yoga


‧ The product is designed as an amphibious shoe, and most of it will get wet when used, so it is recommended to wear it barefoot
‧ When purchasing, it is recommended to buy shoes that are 1-2 sizes smaller than usual. For example, if you usually wear shoes that are 270mm, it is recommended to buy 260mm. It will be more comfortable and feel better if it fits your feet

Maintenance tips
‧ After use, please soak with water, remove sand and air dry