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Ws Mtn Trainer Lite Mid GTX

Feld Green/Fluo Coral
UK Size

專為高山遠足和長途背包旅行而設計——我們的輕便、舒適合腳的女式中幫鞋採用 GORE-TEX® 薄膜,可持久防水。

‧ Pomoca外底
‧ 橡膠鞋頭
‧ TPU貼膜保護
‧ 後跟穩定器
‧ 彈性鞋筒
‧ Gore-Tex
‧ 登山繫帶
‧ 3F系統

13 毫米(鞋跟高度 32 毫米/鞋頭高度 19 毫米)


465 克

MTN Trainer Lite Mid 是一款舒適且具有支撐力的中幫 3 季靴子,在岩石和技術地形上表現出色。 承載更多的重量,意味著消耗更多的能量。 我們通過使用輕質但高度耐磨的織物鞋面和絨面革襯墊來減輕重量。 防水、透氣的 GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort 襯裡也使其非常適合 3 季高山使用,從夏季較高的活動水平到下雨、泥濘或揮之不去的雪。 合身性是任何靴子與眾不同的地方。 我們經久耐用的中幫靴子結構提供足夠的空間來舒適地容納您的腳趾,同時確保全天舒適和適當的彈性支撐。 在鞋心內部,EVA 中底提供良好的減震性和反彈性。 為了提供額外的穩定性和保護,有一個寬鬆的腳踝袖口、一個腳跟穩定器和一個橡膠鞋頭。 在腳下,外底採用 Pomoca 複合橡膠和帶有深凸耳和凹槽的胎面花紋,可確保可靠的抓地力,並具有多種用途,可應對從泥地和草地到岩石、冰雪等各種地形。 一直延伸到腳趾的登山鞋帶可以輕鬆定制,以在技術地形中獲得更高的精度或更輕鬆的穿著。 我們的女式 MTN Trainer Lite Mid 是一款更輕便的中幫 3 季高山鞋解決方案,適用於想要減輕腳部重量但不准備犧牲防水性和舒適性的長途徒步旅行者和背包客。

Made for alpine hiking and long backpacking routes – our lightweight, comfortably fitting women’s mid-cut shoe has a GORE-TEX® membrane for durable waterproof.

‧ Pomoca outsole
‧ Rubber toe cup
‧ TPU film protection
‧ Heel stabilizer
‧ POMOCA® S Path
‧ Flex Collar
‧ Gore-Tex
‧ Climbing Lacing
‧ 3F System

13mm (Heel Stack Height 32mm / Toe Stack Height 19mm)

Long Round Shoelace

Single shoe weight
465 g

The MTN Trainer Lite Mid is a comfortable and supportive mid-cut, 3-season boot that performs well on rock and technical terrain. Carrying more weight, means expending more energy. We strip the weight right down here by using a lightweight, but highly wear-resistant, fabric upper with suede inserts. The waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort lining also makes it ideal for 3-season, alpine use from higher activity levels in summer to rain, mud or lingering snow. The fit is what sets any boot apart. Our lasted mid-cut boot construction allows enough space to comfortably accommodate your toes, whilst ensuring all-day comfort and support with the right amount of flex. Inside the heart of the shoe, the EVA midsole delivers good shock absorbency and rebound. For additional stability and protection, there is a forgiving ankle cuff, a heel stabilizer and a rubber toe cap. Underfoot, the outsole guarantees reliable grip thanks to the Pomoca compound rubber and tread pattern with deep lugs and grooves and the versatility to cope with a wide range of terrain from mud and grass to rock, ice and snow. The climbing lacing, which runs right down to the toe, allows easy customisation for greater precision in technical terrain or more relaxed wear. Our women’s MTN Trainer Lite Mid is a lighter mid-top, 3-season alpine footwear solution for long-distance hikers and backpackers who want to shed weight from their feet but are not prepared to compromise on water resistance and comfort.