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自立式蚊帳 Freestanding Double Bed Mosquito Net

  • 楔形自支撐設計
  • 輕質鋁製防震桿架
  • 白色網狀網 - 每平方英寸 156 個孔
  • 尼龍踢腳線材料,帶 4 個綁紮點
  • 經 EX8 防蚊處理
  • 雙拉鍊門,方便進出
  • 設計適合任何單人或雙人床墊
  • 包括的東西袋



  • 820克


  • 包裝 - 36L X 12H X 12W cm
  • 未包裝 - 195L X 103H X 140W cm

The self supporting mosquito net features a lightweight aluminium frame at the head-end to create a wedge-shape net that requires no hooks or hanging. The spacious interior has excellent air flow and zipped door panels on both sides for ease of access. With EX8 Anti-Mosquito long-life impregnation, the white mesh netting with 156 holes per sq. inch is ideal for travellers and those on expeditions staying in accommodation where hanging points may not be available.

It is quick and easy to erect as demonstrated in the time-lapse video below and is designed to fit any single or double mattress size. If required, this net can also be hung in the normal way.

  • Wedge-shaped self supporting design
  • Lightweight aluminium shock-corded pole frame
  • White mesh netting - 156 holes per sq. inch
  • Nylon skirting material with 4 lashing points
  • Treated with EX8 Anti-Mosquito
  • Twin zipped doors for easy access
  • Designed to fit any single or double mattress
  • Stuff sack included



  • 820g


  • Packed - 36L X 12H X 12W cm
  • Unpacked - 195L X 103H X 140W cm