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無線電動肌肉強化纖型儀 Free Action 4 Motors

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想輕輕鬆鬆健肌?想安坐家中睇住電視強化肌肉?想嘆住冷氣廋身纖型?試吓這部法國研製的專業級"健肌神器" SPORT-ELEC Free Action 無線電動肌肉強化纖型儀,結合了強化肌肉和恢復的功能,刺激你的神經從而收縮肌肉。它將為您提供額外的強健肌肉鍛煉,輕鬆無痛。總共154種運動及健體模式,是一個功能強大的電動肌肉刺激器,為你帶來全新輕鬆訓練體驗!歐盟CE醫學專業認證,臨床測試有效。78%使用者在使用部位有明顯廋身效果,100% 使用者舒緩肌肉收縮,87%使用者增加肌肉量。


  • #12 放鬆復原:曾有傷患地方 刺激止痛,2星期後有明顯改善
  • #2 深層肌肉訓練:一路做一路爆汗,坐在sofa但好似做繄運動,好超現實feel
  • #5 肌耐力訓練 :適合股四頭肌訓練,刺激慢肌耐力


  • 法國研製,採用物理治療原理之儀器,利用電流刺激肌肉,揉合專業 EMS 及 TENS 肌肉訓練慨念。
  • 歐盟CE醫學專業認證,臨床測試有效。78%使用者在使用部位有明顯廋身效果,100% 使用者舒緩肌肉收縮,87%使用者增加肌肉量。
  • 4 顆獨立模組可提供總共154種程式
  • 全無線遙控, 專為運動員進行日常靈活彈性之訓練而設
  • 可更快有效地提升肌肉性能, 強度及耐力
  • 可鍛鍊腹肌, 手臂, 大腿, 二頭肌, 三角肌及大部份肌肉
  • 能減輕訓練過後的肌肉疲勞,痛楚及繃緊
  • 加快回復肌肉狀態, 幫助預防肌肉拉傷
  • 輕巧體積細,遠程海外比賽亦方便攜帶

SPORT-ELEC FREE ACTION all in one device! Stimulates your nerves to contract your muscles. It will give you an additional strong muscle workout and is easy and painless.
154 advanced programs divided into 14 categories “Sport” and “Health”, are optimized to meet all your needs.

We recommend to combine EMS with gym workout for maximum results.

Using FREE ACTION regularly will transform your body with visible results in just a few weeks. Cellulitis can also be treated with FREE ACTION.

Excessive development of the fat deposits due to an accumulation of toxins and water in fatty tissues can be caused by a dysfunction of the lymphatic system which prevents the elimination and drainage of toxins.

The function of the lymphatic system depends on the contraction of the muscles. The lack of physical exercise can contribute to such an effect. Other causes are stress and hormonal factors…

FREE ACTION’s programs (health and sport) will be able to, work out, and tone all your body’s muscles.

After working out, the program “active recovery” with a relaxing and calming effect, helps your muscles to recover faster, the risk of injury will be minimized and the next sport training will bring you better progress!

With the FREE ACTION it is possible to work out all your body’s muscles, to tone your physique.
The relaxation program reliefs the tenderness and tightness. Relaxing the muscles helps to comfort a tight back, (lumbago or lumbago), tight neck (cervical), as well as muscle tightness due to sport and rheumatology.

產品規格 Specification:

  • EMS Current Type: Biphasic
  • Number of programs: 154
  • Number of adjustable wireless independent channels: Up to 4
  • Power supply: Rechargeable LiPo 3.7V – 1020mAh (remote) 3.7 V – 420mAh (engines)
  • Device Dimensions: 79 x 135 x 24 mm
  • Device Weight: 146 g
  • Electrode controller Size: 78 x 52 x 20 mm
  • Electrode controller Weight: 51 g

產品包裝 Packing:

  • 1 x Free Action wireless electrostimulator
  • 4 x Wireless motors
  • 1 x Power adaptor
  • 1 x 3 Way splitter charger
  • 1 x Manual
  • 4 x Wireless electrodes
  • 4 x Dual electrodes with attached lead wire