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二人爐具套裝連茶壺 H/A 2-3 Cookset w Kettle


ARC-1523 2~3人硬質氧化套鍋
‧塑膠碗* 3個
‧飯勺* 1個

ARC-1509 硬質氧化茶壺

Product Specifications

ARC-1523 2~3 Person Hard Oxidizing Cooker Set
‧Capacity: Pot 1.7L/0.9L
‧Frying pan 180*41mm
‧Plastic bowl* 3
‧Soup spoon*1
‧Rice spoon* 1
‧Weight: 900g

ARC-1509 Hard Anodized Teapot
‧Capacity: 1.0L
‧Weight: 254g

Feature Description
‧High quality aluminum alloy material, hard oxidation treatment, high surface hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.
‧Can be stacked and stored, easy to carry, suitable for camping and mountaineering in the wild.
‧Comes with exquisite bowls, rice spoons, soup spoons, etc.