英國防水袋 Waterproof Dry Tube 40 Litres

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‧ 100% 防水幹包 - Class 3: IP66
‧ 掉入水中可安全漂浮
‧ 保護內容物免受灰塵、沙子、污垢和水的侵害
‧ 高頻焊縫
‧ 由600D尼龍塗層PVC篷布製成
‧ 經久耐用,擦拭乾淨,易於存放
‧ 多用途儲存應用
‧ 頂部提手更便於攜帶
‧ 重型耐用材料,適合粗暴使用

防水幹管袋 - 40 升
高度:55 厘米/21.6“
直徑:29cm / 11.4“

1 x 防水幹管袋 - 40 升
1 x 完全可調肩帶
1 x 說明/保養指南
1 x 登山扣

得益於我們易於使用的 Fold Seal System™ 和焊縫,這款 40 升乾燥袋 100% 防水並保護您的裝備免受沙子和污垢的侵害。 它可以漂浮在水面上,因此您可以將它扔到海里而不會毀掉您的珍貴財產。

如果事情確實變得有點艱難,請不要擔心。 我們用堅固的尼龍塗層 PVC 防水油布製作了這款防水乾燥袋,它超級耐用且易於擦拭乾淨。 配有可調節肩帶和額外的提手,攜帶起來也很方便。


‧ 100% Waterproof dry bag - Class 3: IP66
‧ Floats safely if dropped in water
‧ Protects contents from dust, sand, dirt and water
‧ High frequency welded seams
‧ Made of 600D nylon-coated PVC tarpaulin
‧ Durable, wipe clean and easy to store away
‧ Multi-purpose storage application
‧ Top carry handle for additional portability
‧ Heavy duty and durable materials for rough usage

Waterproof Dry Tube Bag - 40 Litres
Height: 55cm / 21.6“
Diameter: 29cm / 11.4“
Capacity: 2400 cubic inches
Weight: 0.73kg

1 x Waterproof Dry Tube Bag - 40 Litres
1 x Fully Adjustable Shoulder Strap
1 x Instructions / Care Guide
1 x Carabineer Clip

Thanks to our easy to use Fold Seal System™ and welded seams, this 40 Litre Dry Bag is 100% waterproof and protects your gear from sand and dirt too. It’s suitable for floats on water, so you can chuck it overboard without ruining your prized possessions.

And if things do get a tad rough out there, don’t worry. We’ve made this waterproof dry bag of sturdy nylon-coated PVC tarpaulin which is super-durable and wipes clean easily. Complete with an adjustable shoulder strap and additional grab handle, it’s easy to carry too.

All in all, if you have lots of stuff and spend your time onboard or getting active, this large Dry Bag is what you need!