冰涼抗菌百變頭巾 Aerosilver Cool Neck Towel

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Triton Aerosilver Cool Neck Towel 抗菌效果和抗異味性百變頭巾

採用 AeroSilver 纖維它的橫截面像三葉草狀,可通過毛細作用迅速吸收和蒸發人體汗液。 它有助於減低如高度耐受的M.R.S.A.金黃葡萄球菌;葡萄球菌和肺炎球菌在短時間內生長。 它還能消除引起味的細菌來保持衣服清新。AeroSilver Cool Neck Towel 是一種多功能頸巾,有10種不同的穿著方式,同時讓你保持涼爽。 非常適合各類運動和所有戶外活動如攀岩,釣魚,高爾夫,慢跑,露營


  • AeroSilver 強大的抗菌作用
  • 防臭
  • 優秀的排汗快乾
  • 防紫外線
  • 10種不同的穿著方式
  • 幫助調節體溫


  • 材質:92%滌綸,8%氨綸
  • 產品尺寸:48x24cm
  • 尺碼 : 有彈性適合所有尺碼

重量: ~30g

Triton Aerosilver Cool Neck Towel 
• Anti-microbial effect 
• Odour resistance
• Excellent wicking, keep cool & dry 
• UV Protection

Anti-microbial Effect & Odour Resistance 
Aerosilver fiber has a clover-like cross section, which makes it possible to absorb and evaporate the body sweat rapidly by the capillary effect.  It helps to reduce the growth of highly-tolerant M.R.S.A.; Staphylococcus and Pneumococcus in a short time. It also maintains freshness in garments by eliminating odour causing germs.

Features :

  • Powerful antimicrobial effect
  • Odour resistance 
  • Excellent wicking
  • Interception of ultraviolet rays
  • 10 different ways to wear
  • Helps regulating body temperature

Specifications :

  • Material : 92% Polyester , 8% Spandex
  • product measurement: 48x24cm 
  • Size : One size fits all