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多用途UV快速修補膠水 Aquaseal UV Field Repair Adhesive

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需要對戶外裝備進行即時現場修補但沒有時間等待膠水乾固?Aquaseal UV 是快速固化的修補膠水,當暴露在陽光及紫外線下時會立即乾固,甚至在多雲的情況下可使用。 作為一種多功能配方,它適用於所有類型的乾式潛水衣或涉水褲修復 - 可直接粘合 Neoprene,尼龍和 GORE-TEX® 物料。 它亦可塗抹於魚線結的膠水,或用作飛蠅釣的頭結鞏固。 要求快速無壓力下的現場修復,需要 Aquaseal UV多用途快速修補膠水。

  • 即時快速 - 暴露在陽光或紫外線下,在幾秒鐘內乾燥
  • 靈活 - 膠水固化成可與氯丁橡膠和其他彈性齒輪一起彎曲的密封
  • 防水 - 提供防水密封,防止水分流失,隨著時間的推移不會剝落或破裂
  • 耐磨損 - 進行持久的修復,可以承受刮擦和划痕
  • 清晰快乾 - 幾乎沒有明顯的痕跡,使防水裝備保持良好的性能
  • 材料:丙烯酸基,無溶劑
  • 尺寸:0.25 oz 盎司
  • 顏色:透明
  • 粘附於:氯丁橡膠,尼龍,聚酯,GORE-TEX織物
  • 固化時間:紫外線照射30秒以下
  • 固化方法:紫外線
  • 應用溫度:28°F至120°F
  • 使用溫度:-20°F至150°F
  • 貯存:貯存於陰涼乾燥處
  • 美國製造

When gear fails in the outdoors, use Aquaseal UV. This quick curing adhesive dries instantly when exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet light. This small, but mighty 0.25 oz of adhesive even works under cloudy skies. As a multipurpose formula, it’s ideal for all types of drysuit or wader repair – bonding directly to neoprene, nylon and GORE-TEX® fabrics. It’s also a useful adhesive for coating fly line knots, or as head cement for fly tying. For fast, stress-free field repairs, reach for Aquaseal UV. 

  • Instant & Fast – Dries in seconds when exposed to the sun or UV light
  • Flexible – Glue cures to a seal that flexes with neoprene and other elastic gear
  • Waterproof – Provides a water-tight seal to keep moisture out that won’t peel or crack over time
  • Abrasion Resistant – Make long-lasting repairs that can withstand scrapes and scratches
  • Dries Clear – Make barely noticeable repairs so waterproof gear keeps performing and looking good


    • Material: acrylic-based, solvent-free
    • Size: 0.25 oz
    • Color: clear
    • Adheres To: neoprene, nylon, polyester, GORE-TEX fabric
    • Cure Time: under 30 seconds with UV light
    • Cure Method: UV light
    • Application Temperature: 28° F to 120° F
    • Use Temperature: -20° F to 150° F
    • Storage: store in cool, dry place
    • Made in USA