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3合1男裝防水保溫套裝 Thunder 3 in 1 Jacket


Triton Thunder 3 合 1 防水保溫套裝,多功能全天候套裝, 是出外旅遊/滑雪/嘗雪/海外留學的理想裝備。3種配搭穿法,內配 InsulLoft™ 保暖性高的保溫綿外套內胆,可拆除獨立穿著或與防水外套 2 合為 1,可因應變幻天氣隨心配搭。防水帽可拆除。

採用 TROPNEX™ 防水透氣物料:
‧ 車縫位全貼上防水貼條,百分百防水防風。市面不少聲稱”防水”外套內裹沒有或非全部車縫位貼上防水貼條,由於貼條位於防水物料底層,客人一般看不出分別,但遇上大雨時,便會發現車縫位滲水問題 !
‧ 達 10,000mm 水壓度測試。
‧ 透氣度 10,000/meter square/24 hrs。

‧ InsulLoft™是一種高效能保溫綿
‧ 由超幼細空心綿纖維組成,壓縮度極高,超輕及手感柔軟。
‧ 高度潑水功能,可於濕淋淋的情況下依然能提供保溫效能。
‧ 高度透氣及快乾。

‧ 防水透氣外套- 風雨季節
‧ 保溫綿外套內胆 - 秋冬季節
‧ 保溫綿內胆+防水外套 - 嚴寒氣候

Triton Thunder 3-in-1 waterproof and thermal insulation suit, multi-functional all-weather suit, is the ideal equipment for traveling/skiing/tasting snow/studying abroad. There are 3 ways to wear it. It is equipped with InsulLoft™ high thermal insulation cotton jacket liner. It can be removed and worn independently or combined with 2 waterproof jackets into 1, which can be matched according to changing weather. The waterproof cap is removable.

Constructed with TROPNEX™ waterproof and breathable material:
‧ Waterproof strips are pasted on all seams, 100% waterproof and windproof. There are many "waterproof" jackets on the market that do not have or not all seams are covered with waterproof stickers. Since the stickers are located on the bottom of the waterproof material, customers generally cannot see the difference. However, when there is heavy rain, the seams will be found Water seepage problem!
‧ Up to 10,000mm water pressure test.
‧ Air permeability 10,000/meter square/24 hrs.

Insulation layer of insulation cotton jacket:
‧ InsulLoft™ is a high performance insulation foam
‧ Composed of ultra-fine hollow cotton fibers, extremely high compression, ultra-light and soft to the touch.
‧ Highly water-splashing function, which can still provide heat preservation performance in wet conditions.
‧ Highly breathable and quick drying.

3 in 1 wearing method:
‧ Waterproof and breathable jacket - rainy season
‧ Insulation foam coat liner - autumn and winter seasons
‧ Insulation foam liner + waterproof jacket - severe cold climate