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韓國製超輕偏光太陽眼鏡 (附送一副變色抗藍光替換鏡片) Chameleon Sunglasses Black w/extra photomatic lens

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‧ 高質偏光鏡鏡片,可全面保護陽光經金屬、水面和冰面等的反射光,即使是太陽的炫光都能阻擋,為你的眼晴提供最全面的保護
‧ 100%防UV – UV400
‧ 附送一副變色抗藍光替換鏡片,它會隨著UV強弱度改變深淺程度,透光度最高達30%,適合夜間駕車用。它更具有抗藍光的卓越功能,可阻隔主要來自手機電腦屏幕發光的有害藍光達92%^
‧ 防撞彈性鏡框 – 不但適合大部份面形人士,更大大提高安全度
‧ 超輕重量 - 僅重14g(+/-2g)
‧ 韓國製造
‧ 附送眼鏡袋(可用作眼鏡抺布)




‧ High-quality polarized lenses can fully protect the sunlight reflected by metal, water and ice, even the glare of the sun can be blocked, providing the most comprehensive protection for your eyes
‧ 100% UV protection – UV400
‧ Comes with a pair of color-changing anti-blue light replacement lenses, which will change the depth according to the intensity of UV, and the light transmittance can reach up to 30%, which is suitable for driving at night. It also has an excellent anti-blue light function, which can block harmful blue light emitted mainly from mobile phone and computer screens by up to 92%^
‧ Anti-collision elastic frame – not only suitable for people with most face shapes, but also greatly improves the safety
‧ Ultra-light weight - only weighs 14g(+/-2g)
‧ Made in Korea
‧ Comes with glasses bag (can be used as glasses wiper)

^Common sources of blue light: LEDs, TVs, monitors, smartphones, tablets, interior lights, car lights, sunlight, etc.