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Trinity M

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Trinity 是 UQUIP 的輕量級冠軍。 這款小椅子的重量僅為 120 克,最多可承載 150 公斤。 這就是“三位一體”如此特別的原因!


座椅: 27 cm (M) / 32 cm (L)
坐高:27 cm (M) / 34 cm (L)
包裝:35 x 7 厘米(M)/42 x 7 厘米(L)
重量:275 克(中)/380 克(長)
容量:最大。 150 公斤
材料:600D 滌綸、鋁

Trinity is UQUIP's lightweight champion. With a weight of just 120 g, this small chair is able to carry up to 150 kg. That's what makes "Trinity" so special. 120 g, you just can not leave at home!

>Extremely lightweight and compact
>Fabulous capacity of up to 150kg
>Ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities

Seat: 27 cm pro Seite (M) / 32 cm pro Seite (L)
Sitting height: 27 cm (M) / 34 cm (L)
Packed: 35 x 7 cm (M) / 42 x 7 cm (L)
Weight: 275 g (M) / 380 g (L)
Capacity: max. 150 kg
Materials: 600D Polyester, Aluminiumgestänge