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TA Sqzy Daypack 2in1

Light Yellow
Lighter Grey

SQZY 背包 2 合 1 的容量為 22 升。 您可以取下蓋子並將其單獨用作腰包。
這款折疊背包超輕、超實用,可存放在隨附的小包中,因此作為額外的背包,它幾乎不會佔用您行李中的任何空間。 而且在日常生活中,您可以隨時隨身攜帶它,節省空間。


‧ 可拆卸蓋子,包括兩個拉鍊隔層,可單獨用作腰包
‧ 主隔間配有撥動繩扣
‧ 前隔層有拉鍊
‧ 附有收納袋,可用掛鉤固定在裡面
‧ 材質極輕
‧ 不含 PFC/PFAS 的 DWR 表面處理
‧ 最小包裝尺寸
‧ 可洗的

尺寸:51 x 27 x 12 厘米
包裝尺寸:15 x 9 x 14 厘米
面料:T-Light Tex Eco/ T-Light Tex Eco/ T-LIGHT TEX ECO

The SQZY Daypack 2in1 has a capacity of 22 liters. You can remove the lid and use it separately as a hip bag.
Ultra-light and ultra-practical, The folding backpack is stowed away in the supplied bag in a small size, so it hardly takes up any space in your baggage as an additional rucksack. But also in everyday life you can always have it with you in a space-saving way.


‧ Removable lid including two zip compartments can be used separately as a hip bag
‧ Main compartment with toggled string closure
‧ Front compartment with zipper
‧ Including stuff bag, which can be fixed inside with a hook
‧ Extremely light material
‧ PFC/PFAS-free DWR finish
‧ Minimal packing size
‧ Washable

Measurements: 51 x 27 x 12 cm
Packing size: 15 x 9 x 14 cm
Volume: 22 l
Weight: 230 g
Fabric :T-Light Tex Eco/ T-Light Tex Eco/ T-LIGHT TEX ECO