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戶外分體氣爐 Split Stove

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EPIgas Split Stove 分體式登山爐/ 蜘蛛爐/ 輕量氣化爐/ 戶外爐頭。

適合2~3人使用。 抗風性強、雙重調節爐腳、穩定度佳。輕身穩定座地爐,附安全環,放置腳架上使炊具更穩更安全。3腳體式設計,有自動打火,膠腳增加於不平地面的穩定性。最大火力4200kcal, 重量234g。 

  • 抗風性強、穩定度佳,適合2~3小團體使用。
  • 雙重調節爐腳高度,使爐頭更平穩。
  • 使用時尺吋 : H 104 X 直徑 186 mm
  • 收納時尺吋 : H 120 X D 85 X W 121 mm
  • 輸出: 3600kcal
  • 最大輸出: 4200kcal
  • 氣罐消耗: 300g/小時
  • 燃燒時間: 約65分鐘
  • 重量: 234g
  • 日本製

Robust, lightweight, and high-calorie separate-type stove. Made in Japan.

The height-level control feet are mounted on a lightweight, robust titanium trivet.
The level of the trivet can be adjusted for a slanting surface.The double adjusting system is designed to adjust the width of the trivet according to the size of the cooker.The sintered fiber porous metal (SFPM) is used for the burner head. It is compact and produces high calories.

Size When maximum used/H104×Φ186mm (diameter of trivet/Φ144mm)
When the time of minimum used/H91×Φ166mm (diameter of trivet/Φ122mm)
When stored/H120×D85×W121mm
Weight 234g
Power 3600kcal (When using 230R cartridge)
Maximum power 4200kcal (When using 230P+cartridge)
Consumption 300g/h
Burn time About 65minutes
Accessories Special case , Safety ring


* 圖中品牌的氣罐只作展示之用,商品不含氣罐。我們沒有售賣此品牌的氣罐。