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變色太陽眼鏡 Sky Pro Sunglasses Cat. 2-4

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• 潛水鏡片
• 疏水鏡片
• 鏡片加硬塗層
• 聚碳酸酯鏡片
• 超大抓地力橡膠鏡腳
• 框架通風
• 可拆式眼鋼臂
• 可拆式側護罩
• 矽膠防滑鼻墊
• 可更換鏡片
• 隨光度變色
• 視野開闊
• 兼容數位設備
• 抗衝擊鏡片
• 100%防曬
• 100% 紫外線-A-、-B-、-C-防護
• 360° 框架

框架材質:TR 90 SL 360°

類別 - 透光等級 - 說明 - 用途
2 - 18-43% - 通用太陽眼鏡 - 良好的防眩光保護
3 - 8-18% - 通用太陽眼鏡 - 高度防眩光
4 - 3-8% - 非常深色的特殊用途太陽眼鏡 非常高的太陽眩光減少能力 - 非常高的防護能力,可防止極端的陽光眩光,例如陽光照射 在海上、在雪原上、在高山上或在沙漠中。 不適合開車。

鏡片技術: 隨光度變色

Sky Pro 自適應鏡片太陽眼鏡具有全框和側護罩,再加上眉墊,是您冰川和高山之旅的首選。 可靠的全面保護、清晰的視野和休閒風格,重量極輕:Sky Pro Glacier 太陽眼鏡開啟新視角,完美完善您高效的 DYNAFIT 系統。 對於山地運動——尤其是在高海拔或冰川上——您的眼睛需要特殊的保護,以免受有害的紫外線、雪、灰塵和風的侵害。 因此,優質太陽眼鏡是任何冒險活動中不可或缺的配件,對您的眼睛健康至關重要。 當您希望輕裝上陣、安全安全地登上高山時,Sky Pro 就是您的伴侶。 這些眼鏡有全框。 由於可拆卸的側護罩和眉墊,它們可以提供全面的保護,讓陽光永遠沒有機會進入。同時,眉墊可以防止汗水滴入眼睛。 Sky Pro 採用來自義大利的光致變色 DIVEL Optics 優質鏡片。 這些鏡頭可在幾秒鐘內自動無限變化地適應不同的光線條件。 它們可靠地防護 UVA、UVB 和 UVC 射線。 由於視野廣闊,您始終可以看到一切,即使在高速行駛時,您外出時也很安全。 Grilamid 材質重量輕、柔韌,因此使眼鏡更耐損壞。 通風系統確保空氣持續流通,從而防止鏡片起霧。 抓握力強的鏡腳和橡膠鼻托可確保牢固固定,即使在劇烈運動時也不會打滑。 Sky Pro 憑藉其時尚的色彩和休閒的設計,完善了每種高空服裝。 特別實用:對於日常配戴,側護罩和眉墊可輕鬆拆卸。 Sky Pro Glacier 太陽眼鏡 – 全方位保護,實現遠大目標。

Glacier and high-altitude sunglasses with adaptive lenses.

‧ DIVEL Lens
‧ Hydrophobic Lens
‧ Hard Coating Lens Finish
‧ Polycarbonate Lens
‧ Mega Grip Rubber Temples
‧ Frame Ventilation
‧ Detachable Sweat Bar
‧ Detachable Side Shields
‧ Silicone No Slip Nosepad
‧ Interchangeable Lens
‧ Photochromic
‧ Broad View
‧ Digital Device friendly
‧ Impact Resistant Lens
‧ 100% sun protected
‧ 100% UV -A-, -B-, -C-Protection
‧ 360° Frame

Base Curve: 6
Frame Materials: TR 90 SL 360°

Lens Category: 2-4
Category - Light transmission grade - Description - Use
2 - 18-43% - General purpose sunglasses - Good protection against sunglare
3 - 8-18% - General purpose sunglasses - High protection against sunglare
4 - 3-8% - Very dark special purpose sunglasses very high sun glare reduction - Very high protection against extreme sunglare, e.g. at sea, over snowfileds, on high mountains, or in the desert. Not suitable for driving.

Lens Technology: Photochromic
Weight: 41 g

The Sky Pro Sunglasses with adaptive lenses have full frames and side shields, plus a brow pad and are your first choice for glacier and high-alpine tours. Reliable total protection, clear vision and casual style at minimal weight: The Sky Pro Glacier Sunglasses open new perspectives and round out your efficient DYNAFIT System ideally. For mountain sports – especially at high altitude or on glaciers – your eyes need special protection from damaging UV rays, snow, dirt and wind. A premium sunglass is therefore an indispensable accessory for any adventure and essential for the health of your eyes. The Sky Pro is your partner when you aim to head light, safely and high up the mountain. These glasses have full frames. Thanks to removable side shields and brow pads, they offer total protection so the sun never has a chance to get in. At the same time, the brow pads prevent sweat from dripping in your eyes. The Sky Pro features photochromic DIVEL Optics quality lenses from Italy. These lenses adapt automatically and infinitely variably in seconds to varying light conditions. They protect reliably from UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Thanks to the large field of vision, you always have everything in sight, and even at high speeds you are safe when out and about. The Grilamid material is light, flexible and thus makes the glasses more resistant to damage. The ventilation system ensures that air can constantly circulate and thus prevents lenses from fogging up. Grippy temple tips and a rubber nose pad guarantee secure hold without slipping about even during intense movement. With its stylish colors and casual design, the Sky Pro completes every high-altitude outfit. Particularly practical: For everyday wear, the side shields and brow pads can be simply removed. Sky Pro Glacier Sunglasses – All-round protection for aiming high.