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Silprene™ All day Bunion Aligner 拇趾外翻束套 - 1隻


‧ 穩定膝關節
‧ 幫助髕骨移動軌跡穩定
‧ 四面伸縮彈力 ─ 穿戴服貼又舒適
‧ 彈性壓力貼紮設計 ─ 幫助髕骨移動軌跡穩定
‧ 膝蓋兩側穩固 ─ 強化膝關節內外側韌帶穩固
‧ 可穿戴在一般衣物內
‧ 【購買時請先詳閱產品規格、確認您的尺寸,避免尺寸不合】

‧ 彈性表布:60%尼龍,9%彈性纖維,31%聚酯纖維
‧ 夾層凝膠/彈性凝膠墊:100%矽膠成份

‧ 使用中性清潔劑用手輕輕搓揉產品,壓條部分避免大存揉壓
‧ 用清水沖洗乾淨
‧ 放置陰涼處晾乾
‧ 勿使用洗衣機、烘衣機、漂白劑或柔順劑

‧ 如有糖尿病或血液循環不良。請在使用產品前洽詢您的醫生。
‧ 因個人膚質不同。使用後有過敏或血液循環變差之情況發生時。請立即停止使用並詢問醫生

‧ Stabilize the knee joint
‧ Help the stability of the patella movement track
‧ Stretch and stretch on all sides ─ Comfortable and comfortable to wear
‧ Elastic pressure taping design ─ Helps the patella to move stably
‧ Stability on both sides of the knee ─ Strengthen the inner and outer ligaments of the knee joint
‧ Can be worn under normal clothing
‧ 【When purchasing, please read the product specifications carefully and confirm your size to avoid size inconsistencies】

‧ Elastic fabric: 60% nylon, 9% elastane, 31% polyester
‧ Sandwich gel/elastic gel pad: 100% silicone

Product Cleaning Instructions
‧ Use a neutral detergent to gently rub the product with your hands, and avoid large storage and pressure on the beaded part
‧ Rinse off with clean water
‧ Place in a cool place to dry
‧ Do not use washing machine, dryer, bleach or softener

Wearing Precautions
‧ If you have diabetes or poor blood circulation. Please consult your physician before using the product.
‧ Different skin types. When there is allergy or poor blood circulation after use. Stop use immediately and ask a doctor