ReviveX Water Repellent for Outerwear 10 oz. (296ml) 噴灑式防撥水劑 DWR 恢復專用噴劑

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噴灑式防撥水劑、Gore-Tex Durable Water Repellent (DWR) 恢復專用噴劑

適用於所有的防水透氣衣物,如:GORE-TEX®、SympaTex 和 eVent。同時也適用於所有的 WINDSTOPPER® 及 3XDry® 服飾。

1. 洗淨:先以溫水洗淨衣服。(如衣服很髒,可搭配 ReviveX® Synthetic Fabric Cleaner使用)。
2. 噴灑:將洗過濕的衣服掛在衣架上,距離衣物表面15公分以此劑完全噴灑。針對常摩擦的部位可以加強噴灑。

請勿飲用此產品。使用時避免與眼睛和嘴巴接觸及避免吸入此噴霧劑。 請存放於小孩子不易取得處。


Gore-Tex Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Restorative Spray

Compatible with all waterproof and breathable garments such as: GORE-TEX®, SympaTex and eVent. Also compatible with all WINDSTOPPER® and 3XDry® apparel.

Instructions for use:
1. Washing: Wash the clothes with warm water first. (For very dirty clothes, use with ReviveX® Synthetic Fabric Cleaner).
2. Spray: Hang the washed wet clothes on the hanger, and spray completely with this agent 15 cm away from the surface of the clothes. Spraying can be strengthened for areas of frequent friction.
Drying: Use a dryer at home or in a laundry shop to dry on medium heat for about 50 minutes. (Or use a hair dryer to blow dry. Do not air dry, the effect is poor)

Do not drink this product. When using avoid contact with eyes and mouth and avoid inhalation of this spray. Please keep it out of reach of children.

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