ReviveX Wash-in Water Repellent 10oz 浸泡式防撥水劑

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如果您正在尋找一種更持久、環保、恢復 DWR 的防水劑,甚至可以在鴨絨布和羊毛上使用,別再找了! 使用 GEAR AID 的 Revivex 浸泡式防水劑進行的一種處理可在整個季節創造和恢復防水性。

Revivex Wash-In Water Repellent 是一種高濃度、無氟的配方,其應用範圍是其他洗滌劑的兩倍。 只需使用 Revivex Pro 清潔劑預洗,在水槽或洗衣機中加入一盎司,然後烘乾。 它會添加一個保護層來抵禦各種元素,而不會影響透氣性。 您將延長您最喜愛的 Carhartt® 工作服、雨具、羊毛或其他服裝的使用壽命。

使用 Revivex 在戶外呆得更久。

‧ 外套無氟水洗防水
‧ 不含 PFOA & PFOS
‧ 無毒無溶劑
‧ 為包括 GORE-TEX® 在內的合成、天然和防水透氣面料增加防水性
‧ 濃縮防水劑處理衣物的次數是其他配方的兩倍
‧ 長效配方,一次塗抹即可恢復整個季節的防水性


If you’re looking for a longer lasting, eco-friendly, DWR-restoring water repellent that even works on duck cloth and fleece, search no farther! One treatment with Revivex Wash-In Water Repellent by GEAR AID creates and restores water repellency all season long.

Revivex Wash-In Water Repellent is a highly-concentrated, fluorine-free formula with twice as many applications as other wash-ins. Just pre-wash with Revivex Pro Cleaner, add one ounce to your sink or washing machine and tumble dry. It'll add a protective layer to fight the elements, without impacting breathability. You'll be extending the life of your favorite Carhartt® workwear, rain gear, fleece, or other garments.

Stay outside longer with Revivex.

‧ Fluorine free, wash-in waterproofing for Outerwear
‧ PFOA & PFOS free
‧ Non-toxic and solvent free
‧ Adds water repellency to synthetic, natural and waterproof-breathable fabrics, including GORE-TEX®
‧ Concentrated water repellent treats twice as many garments as other formulas
‧ Long lasting formula restores water repellency all season long with one application

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