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多用途防水噴劑 Revivex Instant Water Repellent

需要快速解決防水問題?只需使用 Revivex Instant Water Repellent多用途防水噴劑噴塗在戶外裝備上,即可立即形成防水,防油和防污的保護屏障。在尼龍帳篷,外套,靴子,帽子和背包上使用它,作為一種簡單多用途的防水層。從外套到鞋類,這款風乾配方採用5盎司噴霧瓶,可安全地用於各種面料和透氣材料。使用 Revivex Instant Water Repellent多用途防水噴劑噴,乾爽和舒適只需一噴即可。

  • 快速使用 - 非有機矽配方可排斥水,油和污漬,即時防雨和防潮
  • 快乾 - 在空氣中幾分鐘內立即乾,因此裝備及戶外服裝可在噴塗後立即使用
  • PFOA Free - 適用於尼龍,皮革,絨面革和防水透氣材料,包括eVent 和 GORE-TEX® 防水透氣面料
  • 透氣性最佳化 - 為技術服裝提供防水保護而不會犧牲透氣性能
  • 多用途 - 為帳篷和幾乎任何類型的戶外裝備添加防水性,包括手套,靴子,帽子
  • 容量:5 oz
  • 適用於:尼龍,滌綸,eVent 和 GORE-TEX 防水透氣面料,皮革,絨面革和帆布
  • 應用:噴塗
  • 風乾:是
  • 水保護:是
  • 污漬/油保護:是
  • 美國製造


Need a quick solution to waterproofing? Simply spray it and other outdoor gear with Revivex Instant Water Repellent to immediately create a protective barrier against water, oil and stains. Use it on nylon tents, jackets, boots, hats, and backpacks as an easy, multipurpose waterproofing treatment. From outerwear to footwear this air-dry formula comes in a 5 oz spray bottle and is safe to use on a variety of fabric and breathable materials. With Revivex Instant Water Repellent, dryness and outdoor comfort is just a spray away. 

  • Fast Acting – Non-silicone formula repels water, oil and stains for instant protection from rain and moisture
  • Quick Dry  Air dries within minutes so gear and synthetic insulated garments can be used immediately after treatment
  • PFOA Free  Safe for nylon, leather, suede and waterproof-breathable materials including eVent and GORE-TEX® fabrics
  • Maximizes Breathability – Offers water repellent protection for technical garments without sacrificing performance
  • Multipurpose – Add water repellency to tents and virtually any type of outdoor gear including gloves, boots, hats, and waders


  • Size: 5 oz
  • For Use On: nylon, polyester, eVent, and GORE-TEX fabrics, leather, suede, and canvas
  • Application: spray-on
  • Air Dry: yes
  • Water Protection: yes
  • Stain/Oil Protection: yes
  • Made in USA