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PM500R Pro-Mount Rechargeable Only Light Box EU


  • The PM500R is a flexible lamp that can be mounted on any magnetic surface, making this lamp very user-friendly in many situations.
  • The PM500R contains a lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack and 3 AA alkaline batteries.
  • The rechargeable battery can be charged in the lamp or via USB, which ensures that the lamp is never out of service. The PM500R can also be run directly from AC / DC via the supplied cable.
  • COAST's patented "Pure Beam Focusing Optic System" provides superior beam intensity. When you set the light from the focused light beam (Bulls-Eye Spot) to the wide light beam (Flood), you will not get the dark rings that are otherwise typical of flashlight-capable flashlights.



  • Weight (Kg): 0.3140
  • Time (t): 2h 45min Alkaline
  • battery Types: Lithium / Alkaline AA

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