Max Pump 2 Pro 便攜充氣抽氣兩用電氣泵

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‧4合1戶外可攜式氣泵 充氣‧抽氣·照明·內置充電寶
‧戶外應急電源,內置鋰電池, 配置USB介面,可當充電寶使用

‧充氣壓力:±4.5kPa 流量:300L / min
‧抽氣壓力:±2.5kPa 流量:150L / min
‧亮度:50〜500流明(無極調光)營燈續航時間:12-76 小時
‧配件:max pump 2 pro氣泵,便攜收納袋(收納氣泵),充電線,充氣頭x5

‧上述貨品均有一年保養,保養期自客人購買日起計,請客人保留 實體 /電子收據並於申請保養時出示予店員,收據可能會褪色,請自行複印
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‧保養範圍只涵蓋生產問題 (Workmanship problem),而不適用於自然損耗(包括紫外線照射)。即正常使用下造成的磨損及破裂、不正確使用及人為疏忽引致的損壞、經自行修復和改造、意外損壞等

‧4-in-1 outdoor portable air pump, inflating, pumping, lighting, built-in power bank
‧Fast charging with strong wind power, switch between 2 modes at will
‧Quick exhaust design, saving storage space
‧Camp site lamp design, adjust the brightness as you like
‧Outdoor emergency power supply, built-in lithium battery, equipped with USB interface, can be used as a power bank
‧Configuration of Type-C interface design, convenient charging
‧IP55 waterproof design, rain or shine

‧Size: 51.5x57.5x77mm
‧Weight: 160g
‧Battery capacity: 3600mAh
‧Material: ABS material
‧Waterproof rating: IP55
‧Inflation pressure: ±4.5kPa Flow rate: 300L/min
‧Suction pressure: ±2.5kPa Flow rate: 150L/min
‧Brightness: 50~500 lumens (infinitely dimming) camp lamp Life time: 12-76 hours
‧Color temperature: 4500k
‧Accessories: max pump 2 pro air pump, portable storage bag (accommodating air pump), charging cable, inflation head x5
‧Made in China

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