厚防水腳套 Gaiter 420 HD

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無論是濕草,深雪還是在沙漠 - Tatonka 防水腳套會可靠地保護您的雙腳/褲腿及鞋靴。採用優質高密度的420 den尼龍材料。420 den紗線有非常高的抗撕裂性,材料亦通過三重PU塗層防水。
Reliable protection for shoes and trouser legs. Whether wet grass, deep powder snow or desert brush - Gaiters will protect your feet and trouser legs.

特徵 Features:

  • 兩種尺碼
  • 尺寸M:高42厘米,範圍40/42厘米,220克 // 尺寸L:高47厘米,範圍41/46厘米,240克
  • 頂部附帶繩子及調節鎖
  • 耐用的Hypalone合成橡膠調節帶
  • 附帶鞋帶鉤
  • Two sizes
  • Size M: height 42 cm, scope 40/42 cm, 220 g // size L: height 47 cm, scope 41/46 cm, 240 g
  • String with cord lock
  • Adjustable Hypalone loops for your boots
  • Attachment hook for shoe laces

Technical Datas

Measurements: H: 47cm / U: 41/46cm
Weight: 240 g / Gr. L
Fabric 1: 420 HD Nylon

420 HD Nylon 高密度尼龍

The classic 420 den Nylon material has proved itself in the "high density" (HD) version as a good, very flexible basic material. The 420 den yarn gives it a very high tear resistance. The material is made waterproof by the triple PU coating.

100% Polyamide