Dime Multi-tool

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Compact and lightweight, the Dime is the most valuable change you'll find in your pocket. We decided to take the standard keychain multi tool and make it better. This time, as well as the stainless steel pliers, wire cutters, spring loaded scissors, two screwdrivers and more, the Dime includes a uniquely designed blade which safely cuts and scores plastic packaging and a bottle opener that is ready to use even when the tool is closed.

Dime - a compact Gerber multi tool.
Perfect as part of your EDC - Everyday Handling or as a key ring.
This multitool will fit almost anywhere - in a trouser pocket or backpack, in a kidney, in a handbag ... you could change it for a long time;)

To minimize the weight of the cladding was made of aluminum.
However, the tools are made of stainless steel to serve them well.

• Flat-blade screwdriver
• Cross screwdriver
• A bottle opener
• Tweezers
• Blade for opening packages
• Key wheel
• Spring pliers
• Wire cutter
• File
• Flat blade
• Scissors

Technical data:
• Length: 69.8 mm (folded)
• Weight: 62 g
• Black colour
• Material: 3CR13 stainless steel
• Type: foldable