嬰兒揹帶背囊 Cross Country S4 Child Carrier

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Cross Country S4 child carrier是原始越野的現代化版本。這款背帶現已採用現代灰色,配有輕巧的氣流肩帶以提高透氣性,並在整個面料中採用更新的面料,並採用新設計的護墊。它還配有腳蹬和觀察鏡。


  • 頂部抓手和柔軟面墊
  • 帶有解剖學形狀的可調節兒童座椅,帶x型扣安全帶
  • 旋轉腰帶使行走時舒適
  • 酒瓶袋和側面把手
  • 將孩子放在提籃中時,錨點可增加穩定性
  • 大號底袋可存放必需品
  • 布藝玩具圈
  • 完全可調節的後系統

  • 重量:2.5公斤
  • 容量:20升
  • 尺寸(包裝):31 x 26 x 70cm
  • 最大承重:20kg
  • 成人適合:1.57-1.93m(5’2” -6’4”)
  • 適合年齡:6個月至3歲
  • 玩具圈:是的
  • 可調後系統:是
  • 附加功能:包括遮陽簾,腳蹬和觀察鏡


The Cross Country S4 child carrier is a modernised version of the original Cross Country. Now available in modern grey, this carrier features lightweight airflow shoulder straps for increased breathability, as well as updated fabrics throughout and a newly designed face pad. It also comes with foot stirrups and a viewing mirror included.

This great all-rounder is perfectly suited to rambles in either town or country thanks to its slim profile. The carrier is highly durable yet extremely comfortable to wear thanks to its carefully designed backsystem.

  • Top grab handles and soft face pad
  • Adjustable, anatomically shaped child seating area with x-buckle harness
  • Pivoting hip belt for comfort whilst walking
  • Bottle pocket and side grab handles
  • Anchor point adds stability when placing the child in the carrier
  • Large base pocket for essentials
  • Fabric toy loops
  • Fully adjustable backsystem

  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Capacity: 20 litres
  • Dimensions (packed): 31 x 26 x 70cm
  • Max load: 20kg
  • Adult fit: 1.57-1.93m (5’2”-6’4”)
  • Suitable for ages: 6 months - 3 years
  • Toy loops: Yes
  • Adjustable backsystem: Yes
  • Additional features: Sun shade, foot stirrups and viewing mirror included