Cric Pulley Ascender

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帶有整合式滑輪的多功能繩夾,適用於登山、繩索作業和救援。 它堅固、實用且直觀,具有四種不同的操作模式:上升器、滑輪、繩夾/滑輪或進度捕獲牽引滑輪。

• 其多功能性、緊湊的尺寸和易用性可以將繩索操作所需的時間、材料和空間減少到最少;
• 允許依照EN 567 / EN 12841-B標準上升繩索(上升模式);
• 可用作簡易滑輪,用於提升或轉移負載,符合EN 12278標準(滑輪模式);
• 整合式滾珠軸承滑輪可用作簡單的重新導向,以便更輕鬆地上升繩索或提升人員,而無需額外連接器的幫助(繩夾/滑輪模式);
• 它允許直接提升負載、建立牽引系統以及人員救援或自救,如受害者落入裂縫的情況(進度捕獲牽引滑輪模式);
‧滑輪模式使用時,繩索可自由雙向運行; 相反,當採用牽引滑輪方式時,繩索只能向一個方向運行,並且被鎖定在相反的方向。
• 當用於進度捕捉牽引滑輪模式時,可以透過作用於連接到裝置內凸輪的專用繩索來降低提升的負載;
• 透過直覺的釋放按鈕輕鬆打開,使設備能夠快速安裝在繩索上 - 無論使用何種模式 - 即使戴著手套或在困難條件下操作;
• 配備齒鋼凸輪,可盡量減少繩索磨損,但能有效阻擋繩索。 此外,凸輪設計有兩個槽,以減少污垢的積聚,因此在任何條件下(泥濘、冰凍的繩索等)都能非常有效地保持繩索的鎖定。

警告! 該設備不是防墜器 (EN 353-2 / EN 12841-A),也不能用於攀爬時的自我保護。




EN 567:2013
EN 12841:2006-B
EN 12278:2007

EN 1891 – EN 564 – EN 892
Ø 8 ÷ 12 毫米

EN 1891-A
Ø 10 ÷ 12 毫米

EN 1891 – EN 564 – EN 892
Ø ≤ 11 毫米

Multifunctional rope clamp with integrated pulley for mountaineering, rope access work and rescue. Robust, practical and intuitive, it has four different modes of operation: ascender, pulley, rope clamp/pulley or progress-capture hauling pulley.

Main features
‧ its versatility, compact size and ease of use allow reducing to the minimum time, material and space needed in rope manoeuvres;
‧ it allows ascending the rope in accordance with EN 567 / EN 12841-B standards (ascender mode);
‧ it can be used as a simple pulley for lifting or transferring a load in accordance with the EN 12278 standard (pulley mode);
‧ the integrated ball-bearing sheave can be used as a simple redirect to make it easier to ascend a rope or to lift a person without the aid of additional connectors (rope clamp/pulley mode);
‧ it allows the direct lifting of a load, the creation of hauling systems and the rescue or self-rescue of a person, as in the case of a victim fallen into a crevasse (progress-capture hauling pulley mode);
‧ when used in pulley mode, the rope is free to run in both directions; instead, when the hauling-pulley mode is used, the rope can only run in one direction and it is locked in the opposite one;
‧ when used in progress-capture hauling pulley mode, it is possible to lower the lifted load by acting on the dedicated cord connected to the cam within the device;
‧ the easy opening, via an intuitive release button, makes the installation of the device on the rope swift – no matter the mode that is going to be used in – even with gloves on or while operating in difficult conditions;
‧ equipped with a steel cam featuring teeth that minimize rope wear but are effective in blocking the rope. In addition, the cam is designed with two slots to reduce the build-up of dirt, so maintaining the lock on the rope very efficient in any condition (muddy, frozen rope, etc.).

Caution! This equipment is not a fall arrester (EN 353-2 / EN 12841-A) nor can it be used for self-belaying while climbing.



Country of Origin

EN 567:2013
EN 12841:2006-B
EN 12278:2007

EN 1891 – EN 564 – EN 892
Ø 8 ÷ 12 mm

EN 1891-A
Ø 10 ÷ 12 mm

EN 1891 – EN 564 – EN 892
Ø ≤ 11 mm