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Ultra Down 5 信封型羽絨睡袋

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‧ 溫度範圍:舒適溫度攝氏5 - 10度;極限溫度為負5度
‧ 採用超輕 20D 面料,優質高蓬鬆度 Fill power 700+ 鴨絨作填充物,提供高保溫效能
‧ 信封形設計於坐圍以下有更寬敞活動空間
‧ 平帽設計,調節索繩後變作帽子可減少熱量流失
‧ 腳底另有獨立拉鍊可拉開,調節溫度
‧ 間穿 (Stitch through) 設計分隔羽絨至輕量化效能
‧ 採用YKK #5 綫圈拉鏈 (coil zipper)
‧ 側拉鍊及腳拉鍊打開後可用作雙人羽絨被
‧ 超輕壓縮袋設計,可縮體積,方便收藏

‧ 布料 : 100% Nylon Ripstop (20D)
‧ 填充物:250g 鴨絨 Duck Down
‧ 尺寸:215 x 78cm
‧ 重量:~595g

‧ 請使用羽絨洗劑清洗睡袋

寬敞舒適的輕量型信封式羽絨睡袋,除戶外用亦可以在家居室內使用,可變作雙人羽絨被或摺成單人睡袋之用。信封形剪裁設計於坐圍以下有更寬敞活動空間,採用超輕 20D 面料,優質高蓬鬆度 Fill power 700+ 鴨絨作填充物,高效保溫。舒適溫度攝氏 5 - 10 度。假日露營,旅遊或家居用均適合。

‧ Temperature range: Comfort temperature 5 - 10 degrees Celsius; extreme temperature is minus 5 degrees Celsius
‧ Made of ultra-light 20D fabric, high-quality high-loft Fill power 700+ duck down as filling, providing high thermal insulation performance
‧ Envelope-shaped design provides more space for activities under the seat
‧ Flat hat design, which can be turned into a hat after adjusting the cord to reduce heat loss
‧ There is an independent zipper on the bottom of the foot that can be opened to adjust the temperature.
‧ Stitch through design separates down to achieve lightweight performance
‧ Use YKK #5 coil zipper (coil zipper)
‧ The side zipper and foot zipper can be used as a double duvet when opened
‧ Ultra-light compression bag design, shrinkable for easy storage

‧ Fabric: 100% Nylon Ripstop (20D)
‧ Filling: 250g Duck Down
‧ Size: 215 x 78cm
‧ Weight: ~595g

Kind tips
‧ Please use down detergent to clean the sleeping bag

The spacious and comfortable lightweight envelope-style down sleeping bag can be used not only outdoors but also indoors at home. It can be used as a double duvet or folded into a single sleeping bag. The envelope-shaped cut is designed to provide more room for movement under the seat. It is made of ultra-light 20D fabric and filled with high-quality, high-loft Fill power 700+ duck down for efficient thermal insulation. Comfortable temperature 5 - 10 degrees Celsius. Suitable for holiday camping, travel or home use.