瑞典防風打火石 Primus Ignition Steel Small Black

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Primus打火器是在任何情況下都能起火或點燃火爐的最佳方法,現在它已由PLA 100%生物基塑料製成! 這種點火器是防水的,在潮濕的條件下(甚至是雨雪)也很出色。
所有鋼製部件都被保護在一體式外殼中,並帶有一個掛繩,便於運輸。 發出的火花溫度為3000°C,將擊中數千次,使其成為未來許多年必不可少的露營配件。

尺寸:90 x 30 x 13毫米


The Primus Ignition Steel is the optimal way to start a fire or light a stove in any condition, now made with a PLA 100 % bio-based plastic! This igniter is water-resistant and excels in wet conditions–even rain and snow.
All steel parts are protected in the integrated case, with a lanyard for
easy transport. The spark emitted has a temperature of 3000 °C and will strike thousands of times, making it an essential camping accessory for many years to come.

Dimensions: 90 x 30 x 13 mm
Weight: 27 g