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澳洲防漏水樽蓋 Tri-tech Sports Lid


這款令人難以置信的獨特和新設計的 Tri-Tech 運動蓋適合我們所有的新款 Cheeki Classic 系列不銹鋼水瓶。

這款蓋子具有三種可調節的流量設置,非常適合兒童、運動、工作和忙碌的家庭。 防漏關閉設置意味著您的瓶子可以放入任何袋子中。 防塵蓋可讓您在旅途中保持飲水嘴清潔、無污垢和污垢。

Cheeki 相信通過提供替換蓋子來幫助環境,這樣您就可以繼續#refillreuse

另外,Tri-Tech 運動蓋不含雙酚 A,可放入洗碗機清洗。

注意:我們新的 Tri-Tech 運動蓋不適合我們的 Original Range 水瓶和 Cheeki 以前製造的水瓶。

This incredibly unique and newly engineered Tri-Tech Sports Lid fits all our New Cheeki Classic Range Stainless Steel Water Bottles.

With three adjustable flow settings this lid is great for kids, sports, work and busy families. The leak-proof OFF setting means your bottle can go in any bag. The dust lid keeps the drinking spout clean and free of dirt and grime for when your on the go.

Cheeki believes in helping the environment by offering replacement lids so you can continue to #refillreuse

Bonus: Tri-Tech Sports Lid are BPA-free and top rack dishwasher safe.

Note: Our new Tri-Tech Sports Lid do not fit our Original Range Water Bottles and previous water bottles that have been made by Cheeki.