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Compass Expedition Neo S

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Expedition Neo 是一款可靠的鏡面瞄準指南針,由極其耐用的材料製成,具有智慧功能和最高的精度。

• 適合進階使用者和專業人士的鏡面瞄準羅盤
• 快速穩定的釹動力針
• 掛頸繩
• CNC 鋁製握環,帶有雷射蝕刻刻度和圖形
• 磁偏角免工具永久調節器
• 地圖測量比例:毫米、英吋、GPS 比例1:25k、1:24k 和1:50k
• 可旋轉外殼 – 與 SILVA 1-2-3 System® 一起使用
• 用於精密地圖工作的放大鏡
• 橡膠摩擦腳 - 改善地圖抓地力
• 夜光標記可實現夜間導航
• 堅固的材料,可承受惡劣的處理和條件

尺寸:10.8 x 6.4 x 3 厘米
比例:1:25k、1:24k、1:40k 和 1:50k
耐用性:1米防撞 (木地板)
IP等級: 防水



Expedition Neo S 是一款鏡面瞄準羅盤,可讓您同時查看羅盤錶盤和背景。 這種類型的指南針最適合在開闊地形中使用,您必須在遠距離確定方向。 您可以同時查看羅盤錶盤和參考點,從而獲得更準確的方位。

Expedition Neo S 採用釹動力羅盤針,確保快速穩定的性能。 強大的針無法消磁,這使得 Expedition Neo S 成為可靠的工作工具。

Expedition Neo S 由堅固的材料製成,可承受惡劣的天氣條件。 外殼由極其耐用的 CNC 鋁製成,使指南針具有經典的外觀,並具有雷射雕刻的刻度和橡膠表面,以提供更好的抓握力。 指南針配有橡膠摩擦腳,可改善地圖抓地力並提高精度。 新型磁偏角調節器是永久性的,無需任何工具。

Expedition Neo S 的刻度有毫米、英寸,GPS 刻度有 1:25k、1:24k、1:40k 和 1:50k。 它包括一個用於詳細地圖閱讀的內建放大鏡和用於夜間導航的發光標記。 Expedition Neo S 還配備了測角儀來確定傾斜角度和一個可拆卸的刻度掛繩。

Meet Expedition Neo – a reliable mirror sighting compass made of extremely durable material, with smart features, and the highest precision.

• Mirror sighting compass for advanced users and professionals
• Fast and stable neodynium-powered needle
• Scale lanyard
• CNC Aluminium grip ring with laser etched scale and graphics
• Tool free permanent adjuster for magnetic declination
• Map measuring scales: mm, inch, GPS scales 1:25k, 1:24k and 1:50k
• Rotatable housing – use with the SILVA 1-2-3 System®
• Magnifying lens for precision map work
• Rubber friction feet - improved grip on the map
• Luminous markings that enable night navigation
• Robust material that withstands tough treatment and conditions

Dimensions: 10.8 x 6.4 x 3 cm
Scales: 1:25k, 1:24k, 1:40k, and 1:50k
Durability: 1m onto wooden floor
IP classification: Waterproof

The compass is developed for experienced users and professionals such as mountain guides and rescue workers who demand the utmost from their navigation tools.

Mirror sighting compass with a stable needle that cannot be demagnetized

Expedition Neo S is a mirror sighting compass that allows you to view the compass dial and the background at the same time. This type of compass is at its best in open terrain where you must determine direction over long distances. The fact that you can view the compass dial and the reference point at the same time allows you to take more accurate bearings.

Expedition Neo S features a neodymium-powered compass needle that ensures swift and stable performance. The powerful needle cannot be demagnetized, which makes Expedition Neo S a reliable work tool.

Durable material
Expedition Neo S is made of robust material that withstands challenging weather conditions. The housing is made of extremely durable CNC aluminum, giving the compass a classic look, and has laser-engraved scales and a rubberized surface for better grip. The compass has rubber friction feet for improved grip on the map and increased precision. The new adjuster for magnetic declination is permanent and requires no tools.

Navigate safely in darkness and slopes
Expedition Neo S has scales in millimeters, inches, and GPS scales 1:25k, 1:24k, 1:40k, and 1:50k. It includes a built-in magnifying lens for detailed map reading and luminous markings for nighttime navigation. Expedition Neo S also comes with a clinometer to determine slope angles and a detachable scale lanyard.