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遠足嬰兒背架背包手提包 Child Carrier Transporter Bag

適用於所有LittleLife兒童背架的堅固安全的手提包。 這是在旅行時將所有皮帶和托架的各個部分整齊收拾的理想方法。 還有其他物品的額外空間,我們知道這對所有在途的父母都很有價值。

可上鎖的拉鍊可確保您的承運人在機場或裝載到汽車中時安全可靠。 不使用時,運輸袋可裝在自己的口袋中,可整齊地裝入 LittleLife 遠足嬰兒背架背包的下部隔室。


  • 非常適合在飛機上或僅在汽車後備箱中攜帶兒童背帶
  • 輕巧,迷你且易於使用
  • 不僅需要攜帶者攜帶,還可以容納衣服,尿布和其他裝備


  • 重量:417g
  • 尺寸(未包裝):88 x 37 x 34cm

A robust and secure bag for any LittleLife child carrier. This is the perfect way to keep all straps and parts of the carrier neatly packed away when travelling. There's also plenty of extra room for other items, which we know is so valuable for all parents on the move.

The lockable zipper keeps your carrier safe and secure through the airport or when loading into the car. When not in use, the transporter bag stows into its own pocket and fits neatly into the lower compartment of any LittleLife child carrier.


  • Ideal for carrying child carriers on aeroplanes or just in the boot of the car
  • Lightweight, compact and easy-to-use
  • Will take more than just the carrier so room for clothes, nappies and other kit as well


  • Weight: 417g
  • Dimensions (unpacked): 88 x 37 x 34cm