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Center-Drive Multi-tool, GB

GERBER Center-Drive 是一款具有多種功能的多功能工具。

• 閉合長度:4.7"
• 開口長度:6.6”
• 一拇指開啟系統
• 彈簧加載尖嘴鉗,附 X 通道導軌系統
• 可旋轉硬質合金線切割機 脫衣舞孃
• 全尺寸 3.25" 420HC 平刃刀片
• 磁性 3.2" 中軸起子頭
• 撬桿,附拔釘器和撬棒 開瓶器
• 鋸齒刀片
• 錐子、銼刀
• 磁性平頭及十字頭
• 掛繩孔
• 包括織物護套
• 美國製造(護套中國製造)

長度:4.7 英寸
重量:9.5 盎司

小刀、鉗子和螺絲起子很容易拿到,因為這些通常是您最常使用的工具。 中心驅動非常適合野外探險和狩獵。 如果您想要一款功能強大、幾乎可以處理任何事情的多功能工具,那麼中心驅動器適合您。

GERBER Center-Drive is a multi-tool with a variety of functions. 

‧ Closed Length: 4.7"
‧ Open Length: 6.6”
‧ One-thumb opening system
‧ Spring-loaded needlenose pliers w/ X-Channel rail system
‧ Rotatable carbide wire cutters & strippers
‧ Full-size 3.25" 420HC plain edge blade
‧ Magnetic 3.2" Center-Axis bit driver
‧ Pry bar w/ nail puller & bottle opener
‧ Serrated blade
‧ Awl, file
‧ Magnetic flathead and phillips bits
‧ Lanyard hole
‧ Fabric sheath included
‧ Made in USA (Sheath made in China)

Length: 4.7 in.
Weight: 9.5 oz.

The knife, pliers and screwdriver are easily accessible, as these are often the tools you use the most. Center-Drive is perfect for, for example, taking out into the wild and hunting. If you want a powerful multi-tool that can handle just about anything, Center-Drive fits you.