Ramche 2.0 Reflect Down Jacket Am

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The Ramche Down 2.0 Jacket sets a new standard in mountaineering insulation – delivering heat in the most efficient, lightweight package possible.

If you’re looking for the perfect balance of warmth to weight, the Ramche 2.0 is the jacket for you. We used body-mapping technology to put the Hydrodown® insulation just where you need it – and stripped it back in other areas to save on excess baggage. And the super-light, seven-denier outer fabric isn’t just windproof and breathable – it’s also twice as strong as other options, so you get a steadfast companion that will be with you for many seasons to come. Which is a good job – because once you’ve tried it, this will quickly become your go-to jacket.

Weight (approx.): 452g

  • LONG LASTING WARMTH - Filled with our world-leading ethiocally sourced hydrophobic down, Hydrodown™ powered by NikWax® – for long-lasting warmth that keeps on working when wet.
  • KEEP YOUR HEAT - Ultra light reflective mesh inside the jacket reflects your hard earned body heat back in, keeping you 10% warmer.
  • INTELLIGENT HEAT DISTRIBUTION - We used innovative body-mapping techniques to ensure efficient distribution of heat, putting warmth where you need it.