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Azote 25 Backpack

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Astro Blue / Adjust
Black / Adjust
Acer Red

• 尺寸可調ZephyrAD背部系統,附通風通道
• Montane 偏心 Click and Go 胸帶
• 鉸接式臀部鰭片和肩帶採用貼身設計
• 臀部拉鍊口袋
• 側邊魔杖口袋和正面彈性口袋可用於外部存儲
• 可調式桿/斧頭配件
• 外部後安全口袋附鑰匙夾
• 側邊壓縮帶
• 外氣囊套


• RAPTOR Eco 100 denier Robic Nylon 主布料,含 78% 回收成分
• CONTACT Air Mesh Eco 含 35% 回收成分
• CONTACT Open Mesh Plus 後面板
• Halo 襯裡

不折不扣的多功能性是 Azote 25 的核心,使其成為核心戶外用戶最實用、可隨身攜帶、無所不能的背包之一。 背包採用輕盈堅韌的 RAPTOR Eco 100 denier Robic 尼龍布料、完整而乾淨的功能組合以及極其舒適、貼身且高度透氣的 ZephyrAD 尺寸可調節背部系統,專為執行任何冒險而設計。 該包採用回收布料,還具有環保基礎。

‧ Size adjustable ZephyrAD back system with ventilation channels
‧ Montane off-centre Click and Go chest harness
‧ Articulated hip fins and shoulder straps with form-fitting design
‧ Zipped hip fin pockets
‧ Side wand pockets and front stretch pocket for external storage
‧ Adjustable pole / axe attachment
‧ External rear security pocket with key clip
‧ Side compression straps
‧ External bladder sleeve

Weight (approx) : 820g

‧ RAPTOR Eco 100 denier Robic Nylon main fabric with 78% recycled content
‧ CONTACT Air Mesh Eco with 35% recycled content
‧ CONTACT Open Mesh Plus back panel
‧ Halo lining

Versatility without compromise is central to the Azote 25 making it one of the most functional, go-anywhere, do-anything daypacks for the core outdoor user. Constructed with the lightweight and tough, RAPTOR Eco 100 denier Robic Nylon fabric, a full but clean feature set and the extremely comfortable, close fitting yet highly breathable ZephyrAD size adjustable back system, this pack is built to perform whatever the adventure. With recycled fabric content this pack also boasts an environmental foundation.