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Alpine Pro Sunglasses Cat. 1-3

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Nimbus/Black Out


‧ Climacool AirVent 鏡片
‧ 可調式鏡腿
‧ 耐衝擊鏡片
‧ 鏡片表面加硬塗層
‧ 聚碳酸酯鏡片
‧ Mega Grip 橡膠鏡腳
‧ 框架通風
‧ 可調式鼻托
‧ 疏水鏡片
‧ 球面 DIVEL 鏡片
‧ 矽膠防滑鼻墊
‧ 可更換鏡片
‧ 廣闊的視野
‧ 兼容數位設備
‧ 無框設計
‧ 100% 防曬
‧ 100% 紫外線-A-、-B-、-C-防護

框架材質: 無框

類別 - 透光等級 - 說明 - 用途
1 - 43-80% - 淺色太陽眼鏡 - 有限的防眩光保護
2 - 18-43% - 通用太陽眼鏡 - 良好的防眩光保護
3 - 8-18% - 通用太陽眼鏡 - 高度防眩光

鏡片技術: 光致變色

最佳貼合度、完美視力和可靠保護:配備自適應鏡片的無框 Alpine Pro 太陽眼鏡是您登山和越野時的超輕夥伴。 這些高性能太陽眼鏡的可調式鏡腳和鼻托可以定制,以適合各種臉型,即使在快節奏下也能牢固防滑。 無框架設計和球面鏡片可確保完整、最大的視野,且不會產生光學失真,重量僅為 25 克。 這意味著您可以完全專注於您的冒險,幾乎不會注意到您戴著太陽眼鏡。 義大利 DIVEL Optics 的光致變色鏡片技術可快速自動適應光線條件,從而實現無限可變的色調。 當遠離陽光和陰影時,即使以最高速度行駛,您也能保持完整、清晰的視野。 同時,這些優質鏡片可以可靠地保護您的眼睛免受 UV-A、-B 和 -C 射線、昆蟲、污垢、雪和風的侵害。 Alpine Pro 太陽眼鏡 - 始終保持完美、清晰的視野。

Customizable, adaptive, light – perfect for mountain and trail

Climacool AirVent Lenses
Adjustable Temple
Impact Resistant Lens
Hard Coating Lens Finish
Polycarbonate Lens
Mega Grip Rubber Temples
Frame Ventilation
Adjustable Nosepad
Hydrophobic Lens
Spherical DIVEL Lens
Silicone No Slip Nosepad
Interchangeable Lens
Broad View
Digital Device friendly
Frameless Design
100% sun protected
100% UV -A-, -B-, -C-Protection

Base Curve: 6
Frame Materials: Frameless

Lens Category: 1-3
Category - Light transmission grade - Description - Use
1 - 43-80% - Light tint sunglasses - Limited protection against sunglare
2 - 18-43% - General purpose sunglasses - Good protection against sunglare
3 - 8-18% - General purpose sunglasses - High protection against sunglare

Lens Technology: Photochromic
Weight: 25 g

Optimum fit, perfect vision, and reliable protection: The frameless Alpine Pro sunglasses with adaptive lenses is your ultralight partner for mountain and trail. The adjustable temples and nose pads on these performance sunglasses can be customized to fit every face shape and have a secure, non-slip fit even at fast paces. The frameless design and the spherical lenses ensure full, maximum vision without optical distortion – and all that at a weight of just 25 grams. Meaning you can focus fully and completely on your adventures and hardly notice you are wearing sunglasses. The photochromic lens technology by DIVEL Optics from Italy adapts quickly and automatically to the light conditions and thus enables infinitely variable tones. You keep full, clear vision when moving from sun and shade even at the highest speeds. At the same time, these premium lenses protect your eyes reliably from UV-A, -B, and -C rays, insects, dirt, snow and wind. Alpine Pro sunglasses - Stay put perfectly with full, clear vision all the time.