露營背囊 Alpine 60+10 Backpack

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Dark Blue
Lake Blue
Titanium Grey
Sea Blue
Charcoal IIC

‧ 頂帽內外各設一個拉鏈袋,可放置一些零碎的隨身物件
‧ 背囊大袋分為兩個隔層,易分類物件
‧ 背囊前幅設一插袋,可放地圖之類物件
‧ 背囊兩側各開一風琴拉鏈袋增大了袋身容量,滿足用家超大容量要求
‧ 兩側插袋可放置水壺和相機腳架等物件
‧ 腰帶外設有小型儲物袋
‧ 頂部設有方扣,用家可自行穿上織帶,用於綁睡袋,地席之類物件
‧ 底部設有可調較織帶,可用於綁帳蓬之類物件
‧ 頂帽可升高,增大10L容量
‧ 背囊前幅彈性索繩,可用於懸掛各類裝備
‧ 弧形腰墊,自然彎曲,完全與人體盆骨位貼合,有效減輕背負負重
‧ 後幅頸部拉向內彎曲,可有效保護頸部,防止背負與頸部磨擦,産生不適
‧ 內置式雨蓋

‧ There is a zipper pocket inside and outside the top hat, which can store some scattered belongings
‧ The large backpack bag is divided into two compartments, making it easy to sort items
‧ There is a slip pocket on the front of the backpack, which can hold items such as maps
‧ An accordion zipper bag is opened on each side of the backpack to increase the bag capacity and meet the user's ultra-large capacity requirements
‧ Slip pockets on both sides can store water bottles, camera tripods and other items
‧ There is a small storage bag outside the waistband
‧ There is a square buckle on the top. Users can put on the webbing by themselves and use it to tie sleeping bags, mats and other items.
‧ There is an adjustable webbing strap at the bottom, which can be used to tie tents and other objects
‧ The top cap can be raised to increase the capacity by 10L
‧ Elastic rope on the front panel of the rucksack, which can be used to hang various equipment
‧ INWAY FREE ADJUSTABLE BACK SYSTEM backpack system, the backpack height can be adjusted as needed to improve comfort
‧ Curved lumbar pad, naturally curved, fully fits the pelvic bone of the human body, effectively reducing the burden on the back
‧ The back of the neck is pulled and bent inward, which can effectively protect the neck and prevent friction between the back and the neck, causing discomfort.
‧ Built-in rain cover