多功能哨子 3 in 1 Whistle

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多功能口哨同時集合溫度計、指南針於一身,是一款小巧型緊急救生工具,非常適合存放背包。 哨子配有掛繩,可以戴在脖子上,方便取用。


  • 備有哨子功能、溫度計、指南針
  • 設有繫頸掛繩
  • 尺寸:3.2cm X 6cm
  • 物料:100% 塑膠

A compact piece for your survival kit, the 3 in 1 Emergency Whistle is great for keeping in your rucksack. The whistle comes with a lanyard which you wear around your neck for easy access.

  • Measurements: 3.2cm x 6cm
  • Material : 100% Plastic