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韓國製戶外碳纖維x鋁合金摺枱 Cube Carbon Table L5 Black

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多變百搭碳纖超輕組合檯,可以自由配搭不同長度配件變身成為更大的檯,本身已包含有勾燈架、檯底置物網、收納袋。可另配件包括 CARBON M3, L5, CORNER PLATE,BURNER PLATE,搭建方式超簡單,露營必備物品

- 以碳纖維製成支架
- 可獨立使用式連接其他同系列桌子
- 附設營燈架及收納袋
- 體積細小
- 英文版和韓文版只是包裝盒上的文字不同,貨品完全一樣

重量: 1.33kg
收納尺寸: 400(W) x 140(L) x 80(H)mm
展開尺寸: 660(W) x 350(L) x 330(H)mm

The versatile and versatile carbon fiber ultra-light combination table can be freely matched with accessories of different lengths to transform into a larger table. It already includes a hook light stand, a bottom net, and a storage bag. Optional accessories include CARBON M3, L5, CORNER PLATE, BURNER PLATE, super easy to build, essential for camping

- Bracket made of carbon fiber
- Can be used independently to connect to other tables of the same series
- Comes with lantern stand and storage bag
- small size
- The English version and the Korean version are only different in the text on the box, but the goods are exactly the same

Weight: 1.33kg
Storage size: 400(W) x 140(L) x 80(H)mm
Expanded size: 660(W) x 350(L) x 330(H)mm