防曬沙灘野餐帳 Calida 80

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High Peak 用傘系統 Calida 80 快速搭建沙灘帳篷
‧符合標準801的UV 80防曬

尺寸︰200 x 200 x 130cm

High Peak quickly set up beach tent with umbrella system Calida 80

‧UV 80 sun protection according to Standard 801
‧4 sand pockets
‧large mesh window against heat build-up

Quick Set up beach tent with umbrella system
The free-standing beach tent Calida 80 makes assembly and dismantling very easy thanks to the umbrella system. Set up in just 30 seconds and the beach day can start stress-free. Dismantling is also much easier and faster, as the umbrella system can simply be folded up and the beach tent can then be stowed back in the zippered carrying bag provided.

The aluminium-coated outer material offers UV 80 protection (according to standard 801) and thanks to the large footprint of 200 x 200 cm, the whole family can find space in the beach shelter. The closable gauze areas ensure sufficient air circulation and prevent heat build-up in the beach shelter. If it is too windy or you want to protect yourself from prying eyes, you can simply close the gauze areas. Mesh organizers are used to store utensils.

The four sand pockets secure the beach shelter on the beach and, in strong winds, the guy ropes with the supplied plastic pegs ensure a secure hold.

‧High quality polyester Alu PU coated UV 80 protection (standard 801) for longer sun protection.
‧Large raised roof for more sun protection and closable gauze vents for better comfort
‧High quality zippered carrying bag. Sand bags, sturdy, clearly visible plastic pegs, high-quality, clearly visible guy ropes.
‧Free-standing construction for easy and quick assembly. Quick assembly and disassembly thanks to the umbrella system.
‧Large gauze areas for air circulation and with cover flaps for better comfort.
‧High quality fiberglass poles 7.9 mm