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鑄鋁厚釜不沾方鍋 Kooke Casting Alu Pot

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材質:鋁合金 / 鐵氟龍塗料
重量:1.4 Kgs
容量:3 公升
尺寸:275 X 245 X 74 mm


Feature Description
‧The cast aluminum pot is light in weight, only 1.4KG, easy to use and store
‧Evenly heated, the thermal conductivity is 3 times that of ordinary cast iron pots and 16 times that of stainless steel pots, reducing gas consumption
‧During the cooking process, it is recommended to cover the glass pot, so that the cooking time can be grasped through the glass, and the cooking time can be reduced, and the original taste of the ingredients can be maintained.
‧It is recommended to use with non-stick kitchenware to prolong the service life

Product Specifications
Name: thick kettle non-stick pot
Material: Aluminum alloy / Teflon paint
Weight: 1.4 Kgs
Capacity: 3 liters
Dimensions: 275 X 245 X 74 mm

‧Do not empty or overheat pots and pans
‧Do not scrub with hard vegetable cloth or steel wool. ﹝It is recommended to use a sponge for cleaning and soaking in burnt water﹞
‧It is recommended not to dry fry nuts, hard shells and other ingredients that will rub against the pot
‧Please do not keep soaking acid or alkaline food for a long time, it will cause the surface of the non-stick pan to peel off