透氣壓縮防水袋 eVent Dry Bag

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Triton eVent dry bag 防水袋底座採用了防水透氣的eVent®物料,無需閥門排氣,從而使防水袋更輕盈更壓縮。 不用壓縮帶,只需將袋向下滾動壓縮,然後將空氣從底座推出即可。 最後合上插扣,您就已經節省了空間。 這防水袋是橢圓形底而不是圓形的,適合背包的內部輪廓更省空間。

‧ 超透氣的防水 eVent® 底布物料
‧ 無閥門排氣設計,更輕盈更壓縮
‧ 採用10,000mm 防水度的輕量70D高強度尼龍
‧ 橢圓形底座,壓縮更高效
‧ 袋邊設有強化合成橡膠環,方便掛上肩帶、雜物如帽、毛巾、手套或水鞋等
‧ 所有接縫均採用雙針和膠帶密封
‧ 用途:存放可壓縮物品,例如衣服和睡袋

容量 - 重量
3L - 40g
8L - 56g
13L - 70g

The base of the Triton eVent dry bag is made of waterproof and breathable eVent® material, which eliminates the need for a valve to vent, making the waterproof bag lighter and more compressible. Instead of a compression strap, simply roll the bag down to compress and push the air out of the base. Close the snap at the end and you've saved space. This waterproof bag has an oval bottom rather than a round shape, which fits the inner contour of the backpack and saves space.

‧ Ultra-breathable waterproof eVent® backing material
‧ Valveless exhaust design, lighter and more compressed
‧ Lightweight 70D high-strength nylon with 10,000mm water resistance
‧ Oval base for more efficient compression
‧ There is a reinforced synthetic rubber ring on the edge of the bag, which is convenient for hanging shoulder straps, sundries such as hats, towels, gloves or water shoes, etc.
‧ All seams are double stitched and taped sealed
‧ Purpose: Store compressible items such as clothes and sleeping bags

Capacity - Weight
3L - 40g
8L - 56g
13L - 70g