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輕量化日用背囊 Trailblazer 18L New

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Flame Orange
Stone Blue


• Click and Go - 兩條偏心 Montane Click and Go 胸帶以確保安全
• 貼合身體剪裁 - COVALENT 安全帶可適應客製化貼合。
• 肩部收納 - 肩帶口袋附有網狀角撐板,可容納軟瓶和硬瓶
• 環繞​​式收納 - 帶鎖定安全拉鍊的魔杖口袋,位置方便取放
• T 型掛鉤適應性 - Montane T 型掛鉤可重新定位,以實現適應性強的前面板存儲解決方案
• 快速存取 - 彈性網狀前袋和側袋可快速存取備用層和必需物品
• 秘密隔層 - 隱藏式安全口袋,附鑰匙夾,位於網狀前袋下方
• 收納空間 - 附內部整理的大主口袋

H2O To Go - 相容水袋,帶有鎖定拉鍊,可確保瓶子從口袋中伸出


主要材質 100% 尼龍(回收); 內襯 100% 聚酯纖維,網狀口袋 80% 尼龍(再生)20% 彈性纖維; 肩帶和臀鰭 100% 聚酯纖維(回收)

高 45 x 寬 24 x 深 18 厘米


Montane Trailblazer 18L 背包採用再生材料製成,可貼合您的身體,在快速移動時保持穩定。 COVALENT 背帶和肩帶以及 100% 再生 RAPTOR CROSS LITE 70D 布料提供輕盈耐用性、舒適性和性能。

這款背包的承載能力是 Trailblazer 8L 的兩倍多,但重量僅增加了 75 克,可以攜帶自給自足的一切,以在山地中快速、輕便地執行一日任務。

易於取用且適應性強的儲存空間包括環繞式口袋、模組化 Montane T 形掛鉤系統以及用於存放燃料、飲料和備用物品的彈性網狀前袋。 垂直和水平壓縮帶可固定負載,而 T 型鉤系統可配置為以最適合您活動的模式攜帶步行杖,無論您是在跑步您最喜歡的小徑,還是在人跡罕至的地方快速打包。

A fast and light backpack that adapts to your adventures

‧ Click and Go - Two off-centre Montane Click and Go chest harness straps for security
‧ Body Mapping - COVALENT harness adapts for a customised fit.
‧ Shoulder Stowage - Shoulder strap pockets with a mesh gusset to fit both soft flasks and hard bottles
‧ Wrap-around Storage - Wand pockets with locking security zips, positioned for easy access
‧ T-Hook Adaptability - Montane T-Hooks can be relocated for adaptable front-panel storage solutions
‧ Quick Access - Stretch mesh front and side pockets for quick access to spare layers and essential items
‧ Secret Compartment - Hidden security pocket with key clip underneath mesh front pocket
‧ Stash Space - Large main pocket with internal organisation

H2O To Go - Hydration bladder compatible, with locking zips to secure bottles poking out of pockets

Suitable for
Walking, hiking, fastpacking, trail running

Main 100% Nylon (recycled); Lining 100% Polyester, Mesh Pockets 80% Nylon (recycled) 20% Elastane; Straps & Hip fins 100% Polyester (recycled)

Pack Dimensions
H 45 x W 24 x D 18 cm

Weight: 435 g

A durable backpack for longer days in the mountains, made with recycled materials.
The Montane Trailblazer 18L Backpack is mapped to your body to stay stable when moving at pace, and is made with recycled materials. The COVALENT harness and shoulder straps and 100% recycled RAPTOR CROSS LITE 70D fabric provide lightweight durability, comfort and performance.

This backpack has more than twice the carrying capacity of the Trailblazer 8L, but only weighs 75g more, and can carry everything you need to be self-sufficient for fast and light one-day missions in the mountains.

Easy-to-access and adaptable storage includes wrap-around pockets, the modular Montane T-Hook system, and a stretch mesh front pocket, for fuel, drinks and spare layers. Vertical and horizontal compression straps secure the load, while the T-Hook system can be configured to carry walking poles in the mode that best suits your activity, whether you’re running your favourite trail, or fast packing off the beaten track.