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英國防蚊網 BellNet King Mosquito Net

BellNet King 也將適合超級特大號床。儘管這個網的比例很大,但它的尺寸仍然適中,而且重量也沒有那麼大。只需拆開網的包裝並將頂部桿插入網的頂部,將網展開,形成鐘形,提供通過網的出色氣流,同時最大限度地增加內部空間以適合您的床。網的六邊形防撕裂網為這款蚊帳提供了強大的力量,EX8 防蚊技術提供了額外的保護屏障,防止所有飛蟲。

  • 特大號鐘形網狀
  • 網眼顏色白色
  • 耐用輕便的滌綸網布
  • 白色網 - 每平方英寸 156 個孔
  • 經 EX8 防蚊處理,有效持續2年
  • 快速懸掛系統包括吊桿和預先連接的可調節吊繩
  • 帶有綁紮點的尼龍踢腳線可保護網底部的網眼
  • 包括天花板吊鉤和東西袋



包裝 - 28L X 12H X 12W cm
未包裝 - 310L X 310H X 250W cm

The BellNet King will also fit super king sized beds as well. Despite the generous proportions of this net it still packs down to a modest size and it doesn’t weigh that much either. Simply unpack the net and insert the top poles within the crown of the net to spread the netting out creating a bell shape that offers excellent airflow through the netting while maximising the interior space to fit over your bed. The netting's hexagonal ripstop mesh gives this mosquito net great strength and the EX8 Anti-Mosquito technology offers an extra barrier of protection against all flying insects.

Please note: Hanging hooks, cord and stuff sack included.

  • King-size bell-net shape
  • Mesh colour white
  • Durable and lightweight polyester mesh
  • White netting - 156 holes per sq. inch
  • Treated with EX8 Anti-Mosquito
  • Treatment lasts 2 years
  • Quick Hang System includes spreader bars and pre-attached adjustable hanging cord
  • Nylon skirting with lashing points protects the mesh at base of net
  • Includes ceiling hanging hooks and stuff sack
2 PersonQuick Hang SystemEX8 Anti-Mosquito Impregnated

Persons: 2
Weight: 814g
Dimensions (packed): 28L x 12H x 12W cm
Dimensions (unpacked): 310L x 310H x 250W cm