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英國防水袋 Classic Messenger Bag Black

‧ 100% 防水卷頂郵差包 - 3 級:IP66
‧ 正面防風雨拉鍊口袋 - 寬:38 厘米 x 高:28 厘米 - 2 級:IP65
‧ 高頻焊接結構
‧ 由堅韌的 600D PVC 防水布製成
‧ 多個D型環
‧ 前反光條
‧ 完全可調節且帶襯墊的肩帶
‧ 快速釋放且完全可調的穩定帶
‧ 頂部提手和掛環
‧ 用於固定 Messenger Tidy 的內部尼龍搭扣帶 – OB1246

高度:33厘米/13 英寸
寬度:41 厘米/16.1英寸
深度:10 厘米/3.9 英寸

1 個防水郵差包
1 x 加墊肩帶
1 x 快速釋放穩定帶
1 個登山扣夾
1 x 說明/護理指南

這款 100% 防水卷頂郵差包適合快速浸入水中 (IP66),非常適合在日常通勤或旅途中存放筆記本電腦或設備。

這是一款耐磨防水袋,由 600D PVC 防水布製成,功能齊全。 前面有一個外部防風雨口袋 (IP65),可存放您想要快速拿取的物品,還有一個快速釋放穩定帶,可防止騎行時包移動。 此外,通過位置良好的前反光條,確保安全並在夜間被看到。

‧ 100% waterproof roll-top messenger bag - Class 3: IP66
‧ Front weatherproof zip pocket - W: 38cm x H: 28cm - Class 2: IP65
‧ High frequency welded construction
‧ Made from tough 600D PVC tarpaulin
‧ Multiple D-rings
‧ Reflective front strip
‧ Fully adjustable and padded shoulder strap
‧ Quick release and fully adjustable stabiliser strap
‧ Top carry handle and hanging loop
‧ Internal Velcro strip to attach the Messenger Tidy – OB1246

Height: 33cm / 13“
Width: 41cm / 16.1“
Depth: 10cm / 3.9"
Weight: 0.97kg

1 x Waterproof Messenger Bag
1 x Padded Shoulder Strap
1 x Quick release Stabiliser Strap
1 x Carabineer Clip
1 x Instructions / Care Guide

This 100% waterproof roll-top messenger bag is suitable for quick submersion (IP66) making it ideal for storing your laptop or devices on your daily commute or on the move.

Constructed from 600D PVC tarpaulin, this is one hard wearing waterproof bag and is feature packed to. There is a front outer weatherproof pocket (IP65) for items you want quick to hand, as well as a quick release stabiliser strap to prevent the bag moving when cycling. Also, stay safe and be seen at night with the well placed front reflective strip.