美國防曬帽 Artist Series Cooling Trucker Cap

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Dream Seeker
Sail Away
Stream Dream

設計師和插畫家Jordan Ballard受到想像中錯綜複雜的陰影的啟發。 他獨特的風格體現在 Sunday Afternoons 藝術家系列 Artist Series Cooling Truckers 的最新成員 Dream Seeker Trucker中。 這款卡車司機帶有Coolcore®吸濕排汗帶和內襯,可在戶外探險時使您保持舒適。 編織線細節增加了藝術氣息,而 StretchBack Sizing™ 確保了貼身性。

【衣物防紫外線指數 UPF 50+】


  • 美國實驗室測試及認證 ─ 其衣物防紫外線指數 UPF 50+ 有效阻擋陽光中 98% 有害紫外線


  • 2¾“帽簷
  • 經典卡車網格通風
  • 限量版藝術品
  • Coolcore®芯吸汗帶/底邊
  • StretchBack Sizing™
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100認證的防汗帶/底邊
  • 專利申請中
  • 包裝:平裝,不要折疊或摺皺邊緣
  • 重量:2.7安士/ 76.8克


Designer and illustrator Jordan Ballard is inspired by the intricate shadows of the imagination. His unique style is reflected in the Dream Seeker Trucker, the newest member of our Artist Series Cooling Truckers. With Coolcore® wicking sweatband and underbrim, this trucker keeps you comfortable when outdoor adventures heat up. Braided cording detail adds an artistic touch while StretchBack Sizing™ ensures a customized fit.

  • 2¾" brim
  • Classic trucker mesh ventilation
  • Limited edition artwork
  • Coolcore® wicking sweatband/underbrim
  • StretchBack Sizing™
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified sweatband/underbrim
  • Patent pending
  • Packing: Packs flat, do not fold or crease brim
  • Weight: 2.7 oz / 76.8 g

    Fabric content:
    Brim: 100% Cotton; Front Crown: 100% Polyester; Crown Mesh: 100% Polyester; Exclusive of Decoration
    Washing and care instructions:
    Hand wash cold, do not bleach, line dry, do not iron, do not dry clean.
    Packing Instructions:
    Packs flat, do not fold or crease brim