經典家庭裝爐具 Classic Family Set

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鋁質輕量家庭COOKSET 套裝,包括 1.7L鋁煲1個,2.1L鋁煲1個,2.9L鋁煲1個,可當煲蓋用煎PAN 1個


Classic Family Set is a cookware set of three internally graded saucepans made of aluminium: 1.7 l • 57.5 oz, 2.1 l • 71 oz and 2.9 l • 98.1 oz. The frying pan doubles as a pot cover. The included pot gripper is a handy tool when cooking. The set comes in a practical net stuff sack.


  • Measurements: 121mm (H) x 202mm (D)
  • Weight: 870g