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童裝背囊 Yukon 32 JR

Sage Green

適合青少年的健行背包,容量為 32 公升,配有可調節 V Comfort Vario 背負系統。 部分由回收材料製成,表面不含 PFAS。

• V Comfort Vario 背負系統
• 有防雪罩的背包
• 主隔層與底部隔層分開
• 登山杖固定
• 負載控制帶
• 高度可調式胸帶
• 有襯墊的臀帶
• 特殊結構,使腰帶固定重新定向,以允許單手調節
• 側邊壓縮帶
• 底座週邊受壓
• 手挽
• 帶鑰匙圈的蓋子隔層
• 相容水合系統
• 側袋
• 側邊拉鍊口袋附有延伸褶皺
• 蓋子上的齒輪環
• 正面有拉鏈
• 使用回收材料
• 不含 PFC/PFAS 的 DWR 表面處理

尺寸:59 x 26 x 17 厘米
背負系統 1:V Comfort Vario 系統

布料 1:reTex 6.6 Eco
布料 2:Melange Tex Eco
底布:Textreme 6.6

Tatonka Yukon 32 JR – 適合青少年的健行背包。 部分由回收材料製成,表面不含 PFC/PFAS。

對於年輕的戶外愛好者,我們開發了小型健行背包 Yukon 32 JR。 它的容量為 32 公升,具有舒適的攜帶系統,可將負載穩定地轉移到臀部區域。 這樣可以減輕肩膀和脊椎的壓力,並確保背部舒適背負。 V Comfort Vario 系統可調整至不同的背部長度,以實現腰帶的最佳定位。


Tatonka Yukon 32 JR 背包分為主隔層和底部隔層,還有一個蓋隔層和側袋。 前面的材料環為附加設備提供了可能性。 壓縮帶固定物品並將背包放置在靠近背部的位置。

Trekking backpack for teenagers with 32 liters volume and adjustable V Comfort Vario Carrying System. Partly made of recycled materials and with a PFAS-free finish.

‧ V Comfort Vario Carrying System
‧ Packsack with snow guard
‧ Divided main and bottom compartments
‧ Fixation for hiking poles
‧ Load control straps
‧ Height-adjustable chest belt
‧ Padded hip strap
‧ Special construction whereby hipbelt-fixation is re-directed to allow for single-handed adjustment
‧ Side compression straps
‧ Compression around perimeter of base
‧ Handle
‧ Lid compartment with key holder
‧ Hydration system compatible
‧ Side pockets
‧ Zipped side pockets with expansion pleats
‧ Gear loops on the lid
‧ Daisy chain on the front
‧ Use of recycled materials
‧ PFC/PFAS-free DWR finish

Measurements: 59 x 26 x 17 cm
Volume: 32 L
Weight:1,4 kg
Carrying system 1: V Comfort Vario-System

Fabric 1: reTex 6.6 Eco
Fabric 2: Melange Tex Eco
Fabric bottom: Textreme 6.6

Tatonka Yukon 32 JR – the trekking backpack for younger teenagers. Partly made from recycled materials and with a PFC/PFAS-free finish.

For young outdoor enthusiasts we have developed the small trekking backpack Yukon 32 JR. It offers a volume of 32 liters and a comfortable carrying system with solid load transfer to the hip area. This relieves the shoulders and spine and ensures back-friendly carrying. The V Comfort Vario system can be adjusted to different back lengths for optimal positioning of the hip belt.

Touring backpack with complete equipment

The Tatonka Yukon 32 JR pack sack is divided into main and bottom compartment, and also has a lid compartment and side pockets. The material loops on the front offer attachment possibilities for further equipment. Compression straps fix the contents and position the backpack close to the back.