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童裝背囊 Wokin 15


適合六歲以上兒童的健行背包。 背負系統配有軟墊靠背、可調式腰帶、符合人體工學的肩帶和胸帶。 正面和肩帶上有彩色反光條,可在暮光下提供良好的可視性。 部分由回收材料製成,表面不含 PFAS。

• 通風舒適背負系統
• 有防雪罩的背包
• 加墊肩帶
• 高度可調式胸帶
• 可調式臀部織帶
• 手挽
• 蓋子上整合了拉鍊口袋
• 相容背囊水袋系統
• 側袋
• 前隔層有拉鍊
• 內附兒童名牌
• 正面和肩帶上有高度可見的彩色反光條
• 蓋子上的齒輪環
• 正面有拉鏈
• 含座墊
• 使用回收材料
• 不含 PFC/PFAS 的 DWR 表面處理

尺寸:46 x 23 x 14 厘米

布料 1:reTex 6.6 Eco
布料 2:reRip Tex
布料 3:Melange Tex Eco

Tatonka 兒童背包 Wokin 15 適合六歲以上兒童。 部分由回收材料製成,表面不含 PFC/PFAS。

Tatonka Wokin 15 擁有舒適的背負系統,即使是年幼的孩子也可以毫無問題地進行更長的徒步旅行。 背包容量為15公升,適合小學生使用。


這款背包配有帶襯墊的背部、可調節腰帶和可調節肩帶,攜帶起來非常舒適。 高度可調節的胸帶可防止肩帶滑動。


Tatonka Wokin 15 有一個主隔層、一個帶拉鍊的前隔層和一個帶蓋隔層的蓋子。 側袋非常適合存放水瓶。 背包的前部和肩帶上還設有暗色反光條,確保在暮色中具有良好的可視性。




Trekking backpack for children over six years of age. Carrying system with padded back, adjustable hip belt, ergonomic shoulder straps and chest strap. With colored reflective strips on the front and on the shoulder straps to provide good visibility in the twilight. Partly made of recycled materials and with PFAS-free finish.

‧ Vent Comfort Carrying System
‧ Packsack with snow guard
‧ Padded shoulder straps
‧ Height-adjustable chest belt
‧ Adjustable hip webbing
‧ Handle
‧ Zipped pocket integrated in the lid
‧ Hydration system compatible
‧ Side pocket
‧ Front compartment with zipper
‧ Child's name tag inside
‧ Highly visible, colored reflective strips on the front and shoulder straps
‧ Gear loops on the lid
‧ Daisy chain on the front
‧ Includes seat pad
‧ Use of recycled materials
‧ PFC/PFAS-free DWR finish

Measurements: 46 x 23 x 14 cm
Volume: 15 L
Weight: 470 g
Carrying system 1: Vent Comfort-System

Fabric 1: reTex 6.6 Eco
Fabric 2: reRip Tex
Fabric 3: Melange Tex Eco

Tatonka children’s backpack Wokin 15 for kids over six years. Partly made from recycled materials and with PFC/PFAS-free finish.

The Tatonka Wokin 15 has a comfortable carrying system, so that even younger children can go on longer hiking tours without any problems. With a capacity of 15 liters, the backpack is the right size for children of elementary school age.

With chest and waist belt for a firm and secure hold

With its padded back, adjustable waist belt and adjustable shoulder straps, this backpack is very comfortable to carry. The height-adjustable chest strap prevents the shoulder straps from slipping.

Practical features for little adventurers

The Tatonka Wokin 15 has a main compartment, a front compartment with zipper and a lid with a lid compartment. The side pocket is ideal for storing a drinking bottle. The backpack also features dolored reflective strips on the front and shoulder straps, which ensure good visibility in the twilight.

And for the breaks in between there is a practical seat pad included.

GREEN by Tatonka

With the GREEN label, we identify products in which we use sustainable and resource-saving materials.