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登山/跑山杖套 Strive quiver

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將登山杖固定在 Silva Strive 跑步背心上,即可快速舒適地跑步

• 開口寬大,方便取放
• 相容於 Silva Strive Fly 背心、Strive 5 背心和 Strive 10 背心
• 可調式配件 – 左右肩相容,可調節以適應背包負載
• 靠背加墊增加舒適度
• 易於操作的鎖繩可固定您的登山杖
• 水和污垢的排水孔
• 反光區域可確保黑暗中的可見度
• 材質:輕質耐用的防撕裂材質
• 可水洗(手洗)
• 重量:47 克

Strive Quiver 是一款輕量有襯墊的桿架,專為超跑和越野跑而開發。 將其固定在右肩或左肩上的跑步背心上,跑步時將手杖放在伸手可及的範圍內,而不會妨礙跑步。

Strive Quiver 桿套由耐用、防風雨的防撕裂尼龍製成,重量僅 47 克。 它具有一個大開口,方便在旅途中輕鬆取放,並有一條鎖定繩將桿固定到位。 箭袋底部有排水孔,可排水和排污,反光細節可提高黑暗中的可見度。

Strive Quiver 使您能夠在觸手可及的情況下跑步,而不會妨礙您。 該箭袋與 Strive Fly、Strive 5 Vest 和 Strive 10 Vest 跑步背心相容。 它有一個帶襯墊的靠背,增加了舒適度,並且易於調節。 將其佩戴在右肩或左肩上,可以垂直佩戴在正面,也可以水平佩戴在背面或斜挎。

Run fast and comfortably with your poles attached to your Silva Strive running vest

• Wide opening for easy access
• Compatible with Silva Strive Fly Vest, Strive 5 Vest, and Strive 10 Vest
• Adjustable attachment – left and right shoulder compatible, and adjustable to suit pack load
• Padded back for increased comfort
• Easy-access locking cord to secure your poles
• Drainage holes for water and dirt
• Reflective areas for visibility in darkness
• Material: lightweight and durable ripstop
• Washable (hand wash)
• Weight: 47 g

Strive Quiver is a lightweight padded pole carrier developed for ultra and trail running. Attach it to your running vest on your right or left shoulder and run with your poles within reach and without them getting in the way.

Durable and lightweight material with drainage holes
The pole case Strive Quiver is made of durable and weather-resistant ripstop nylon, weighing only 47 grams. It features a large opening, allowing easy access on the go, and a locking cord keeping the poles in place. The quiver has drainage holes for water and dirt at the bottom, and reflective details that enhance visibility in the dark.

Padded backside and adjustment for increased comfort
Strive Quiver enables you to run with your poles within reach without them getting in the way. The quiver is compatible with the running vests Strive Fly, Strive 5 Vest, and Strive 10 Vest. It has a padded back for increased comfort and is easy to adjust. Wear it over your right or left shoulder, either vertically on the front or horizontally on the back or cross-body.